In today’s post Caity did a riff on old quilting books and where people were at, when she started quilting back in ’92 or ’93 or so. Boy did that Country Bride book take me back. I HATED those bloody things.
This is not a ‘traditional versus contemporary’ thing and not even a ‘pieced versus applique’ thing. I’ve made a gazillion or so tradional style quilts… admittedly mostly pieced either by hand or machine rather than applique … and about the first hundred or so were hand quilted to boot … but I have never ever ever been into ” nauseatingly sweet and pretty applique quilt that the whole world is copying “

So here’s what I was doing in ’92 and ’93

and I’m trying to remember what my favourite books were back then.

Ah yes

these two:

some things never change


9 thoughts on “

  1. catsmum says:

    >an oldie but still a goodie :]and for anyone else who’s wondering what the hell my darling daughter is talking about … Knickers is the name of that first quilt. See if you can work out why!

  2. Nora says:

    >Susan, I love seeing all your Japanese quilts/dyes/embroidery etc. I only wish we were closer so I could attend one of your classes. 🙂

  3. catsmum says:

    >well if you’re ever down south …..???

  4. >I think you have got me stumped!..however, if I am allowed two wild guesses….first, could it be that some of the fabric used was from old knickers? …..OR, looking at the shape of the pieces, maybe the vertical is the torso and the horizontal is the pants (knickers)! I tried!

  5. catsmum says:

    >close Maz very close but just look at one shape and think gusset …

  6. Caitlin says:

    >Ahhh, I made a mini apple core (GUSSET!! Hilarious!) that ended up with a friend in Alaska… I love your other quilts shown here – and yep, those are still way cool books! But don’t quilts look different now?! One day I’ll be brave enough to post my first quilt…

  7. >Mmmm…I love the Japanese quilts! My sad little nine patch still sits unfinished. Probably because it is kind of ugly. I guess I just thought that it was the best I could do with my limited skills.But, I think that good quilting comes from loving the art. Maybe a more appealing design would have inspired me to finish it. That and some sort of clue how to bind it. That might help….

  8. Rose Red says:

    >I think your quilts are works of art! Heh, knickers!!I couldn’t find the dancing shoes – I looked just after you posted them and then was just thinking about them yesterday as I was looking at shoes…oh well, my husband is probably happy about that!!

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