>unrelated bulletpoints and a bunch of photos


  • the cold has progressed to what the pharmacist euphemistically referred to as a ‘productive’ cough. In other words it has taken up residence in my chest and … no you don’t need the mucus details. Use your imagination if you must. Of course, the only cough medicine that isn’t going to reak havoc with my meds is so foul as to almost take away what little breath I still have.
  • Pete-next-door has lost two of his does in the last couple of weeks. The vet thinks it was due to their being fed incorrectly not some dreaded goat pox that could waft over the fenceline and attack MY goaty girls. I’m looking after the remaining four next door for a few days while PND has a holiday. They all look fine thus far.
  • Still on the subject of goats, it is now pretty safe to say that Ms Rosie’s one night stand with Blackadder was successful. There will be cute kid photos in mid September.
  • I have just found the cutest ever free pattern for a baby/toddler jumper here at Jimmy Beans
  • We have had enough rain this last couple of days that the signed floodway on the road leading to MY road is actually flooding for the first time in years. Doesn’t look like much I grant you, but the unwary might be in for a nasty surprise because there’s a dip of the ‘slow down or risk taking the bottom out of the car’ variety right at that point. It’s not like there’s really been THAT much rain … maybe 3″… probably wouldn’t be over the road but for one salient point: the brains trust that designed the golf course which abuts the right hand side of this photo built one of the fairways right over the creek. So when it does actually rain, the water has nowhere to go.
  • David gave me THIS for Mothers’ Day: yup a Sheepie Knitting Bag
  • and THIS is why I can’t get up to answer the phone mid-raisin toast.

7 thoughts on “>unrelated bulletpoints and a bunch of photos

  1. >Chris and I say fantastic to the rain, and looks like you will have your hands doubly full come September!!

  2. Rose Red says:

    >Heh – clever cat! Mine sometimes drinks out of my bedside glass of water!! Have to be careful about that! I love that Jimmy Beans jumper too, have printed out the pattern for “one day”.

  3. >I’m feeling your pain on the coughing and snuffling. But my fever finally broke so things are heading back to normal over here. I’m sending healing thoughts your way now. No fun being sick!What a lovely knitting bag. David did very well on that one! Smart kid you have there. You also seem to have a rather clever cat…

  4. Bells says:

    >i have that sheep bag – colours in reverse. And my hubby bought him for me, too. I love him.Fabulous amounts of rain huh!

  5. Robbyn says:

    >Thanks for the link to the pattern – that’s a super idea. And the notion of changeable front panels is enchanting.It looks as though your cat and my Jade might be related as she does the same thing. She adores butter and margarine and even went after my peanut-butter sandwich the other night!

  6. Val says:

    >Oh that waterlogged road is a sight for sore eyes. We got heaps of water in the dam, and the creek behind us not only has water in it but it’s flowing!Please get well soon.

  7. Caitlin says:

    >RAIN! Oh, send some our way, wouldya?Sheepy bag – way cute!And yep – raisin toast or crumpets are abandoned at your peril… I came back to find a small dog with a very smug expression and a honey ring around her mouth….hope that nasty chest cold goes away SOONEST!

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