>Look out Captain Hook


Did that title get your attention? The original version was ” Up to my A*** in Alligator[s]”. Should I change it back, do you think?
Just me trying to think of a clever way to show you the new Alligator chainsaw:
and in totally unrelated pix we have:
the new haircut [ and the not-quite-poncho that Nadie’s probably taking. Unpattern anyone?]
the 6″ blue and white [obviously] owl teapot that Chris and Maz brought up with them to add to the collection:

What the goats were complaining about at the back door where there is actual green …

and the opposing view out the front [ kitchen ] door this morning:

2.4 degrees up from a brisk minus point 4 [ zero or under for the fifth day in a row – last year I had 16 straight days like that ] Totally worth it for views like this.



Was that an arm I saw, rising out of the dam, brandishing a bloody great sword?

12 thoughts on “>Look out Captain Hook

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    >I think the chain saw needs a creative paint job of some ilk.Re: the comments on my blog, no worries. It’s useful hearing your experiences, and I appreciate your taking the time to write.

  2. >The theme of the Relay For Life that I finished yesterday was “Pirates.” I’m seeing them everywhere now!!! Aarrgh, matey!Love the hair! Some people just have the right shaped head for short hair. (I am not one of them; clearly you are!)Also love anything from Black and Decker! Particularly anything that is loud and has a slight element of danger to it…

  3. Val says:

    >Great hair style!And I love the last photo, just beautiful. Glad we’re not camping up there this weekend though. I think we’d have the kero heater going non stop.

  4. >LOVELOVELOVE the haircut, how cute! Hrrm hrrrm hrrrrm CHAINSAW PICS!! POWER!!!!!Wow – misty beautiful – but no thanks on the frost – it just about heads the news bulletin if we get frost in Toowoomba!

  5. Nora says:

    >Love the hair! I didn’t realise it got so cold down there. I’m totally over winter actually, I need the sun, sand, surf… :)PS: I’ve answered your yarn question in my comments.

  6. Bells says:

    >oh lovely hair cut. I do love those short, shape styles. Only wish I could wear them. Lovely poncho. Fabulous teapot and beautiful misty shots. Lovely. I have been meaning to get out and get some myself.

  7. >The cut does suit you, and I think you are right about previous cut – although it still does look okay. Did you get it done in Castlemaine or Bendigo?I dont know about having the haircut pic right below the chainsaw pic!!!! Ha Ha! …errrr…..

  8. catsmum says:

    >Maz, I got it cut the same place as last time … the place you had yours cut.Difference was THIS time I took in a photo from Stephen’s wedding and just asked her not to cut it quite as short as that on the sides and back [ it is winter after all ] Once she saw that, she agreed that the previous cut was too mummsy.

  9. Rose Red says:

    >I love your hair! I had a short cut like this when I was at uni – but it did not suit me at all, unlike yours!

  10. Lisa L says:

    >Love, love, love the hair – but then I’m partial to short! Wonderful picture of the mist!

  11. >Oh my, that’s almost tshirt weather here.Hey, it’s “almost summer” give it a couple of days, but right now it’s 11C,that is definitely tshirt weather!

  12. Bernadette says:

    >Absolutely love the hair! Wish I had the face and or guts!

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