>Sunday night


This is the piece I’ve been working on this week. It’s to be part of the Maryborough project and is loosely meant to represent the exposed rocks in the goat paddock. There are seams, fissures, and fractures … veins of ‘leader’ crystals appearing and disappearing.
The bare bones of an ancient landscape.
Erica and I talked a while ago about doing pieces based on our photos of stones, so this is piece #1. I have a couple of ideas about how I’m going to quilt it but I’ll worry about that another day.

ETA: Well I managed to find the rock photos that have been hiding in with a bunch of photos of the furry grandpuppies of all things… so here you go: THIS is what it looks like out the back of my house.

This is what I’m doing with the silk paper I made when my friend Felicity came up to play. I’m thinking that I’ll probably use spray adhesive to mount it on a nice rag paper and then have it framed with a plain ,thin black. What colour mount do you think?
I was planning to show you other stuff from this weekend with Chris and Maz up here but I’m really having trouble concentrating and articulating properly and I’m not in the mood to be funny and/or clever. The youngest grandkitten is facing surgery tomorrow for possible pancreatitus or bowel involvement and I’m worried about her. She stopped eating at some point during the two weeks I was kittensitting but I’m not sure exactly when, what with 4 cats sharing the same food bowl. Then she started vomiting bile but I thought it was just a hairball. She’s always the quietest and most secretive of the bunch so I really didn’t notice that she wasn’t eating or drinking AT ALL [ and yes, I feel just rotten about that ] Nadie and Chris came up on Tuesday to collect them and noticed at once that she’d lost weight. At that stage she was still glossy coated, bright eyed and alert but has gone down hill rapidly in the last three days. Anyway she’s been to the vets three times, had shots, antibiotics, blood and urine tests and is in overnight on a drip at the moment.

If you’re so inclined, please think positive thoughts for little Suki tomorrow. She was a rescue puddy from the RSPCA along with her mum and they had not been well treated, but she is much loved now and we don’t want to lose her.


15 thoughts on “>Sunday night

  1. Lisa L says:

    >I’ll be thinking about the little one 😦 It’s so hard when a pet is sick . . .

  2. Tanya Brown says:

    >The kimono piece is lovely; I don’t have any helpful comments, unfortunately.I will be hoping for the best for your grandkitten; please try not to blame yourself. I’ve been in that boat, where things get busy and an animal starts ailing and I don’t realize it. I’ll bet it’s fairly common. They can be, as you say, quite secretive about being ill. It’s instinct.It sounds like she’s getting her the best medical help possible. That is no small thing. I’ll be thinking of you and your furry little grandkitty.

  3. >Poor little kitty…I’ll certainly be thinking all the best and most positive thoughts for her. Hope you’re doing OK as well. It’s a pretty helpless feeling when a little one is sick.

  4. Robbyn says:

    >You are truly an artist. I want to be like you when I grow up!How about something yellowish or slightly orangey for the mount? To make the purples and blues really POP?I will definitely hold a good thought for the grandkitty.

  5. Julia says:

    >I’m sending positive healing energy to Suki – if only they could tell us when they don’t feel good! I love both of your pieces – stone has always fascinated me and you’ve found such a great way to send that image. The mat on the other piece depends on what you want to emphasize – you could use the reddish color from the sash, or you could just do a neutral midtone grey which would really make the other colors jump up and say hello! It will look great whatever you decide.

  6. >Thanks for all your kind thoughts guys, Suki is doing much better now. It’s looking more and more like an infection rather than organ involvement. She’s drinking now and has had a little bit to eat, and is staying at the vets for another night for observation and antibiotics, and they’ll decide in the morning whether surgery is necessary or not.

  7. TinkingBell says:

    >Thanks so much for dropping by – I love visitors – I’m sure I saw you waving from Central Vic (just across the water there) – really really hope your grandkitty is OK – loved your beautiful kimono piece – yummy!

  8. Laume says:

    >I know what it’s like to worry about pets. I hope she’s on the mend soon. We had an older cat who had to have urinary surgery and for weeks we thought we might lose him, but here it is years later and he’s healthy and happy. In fact, he forced us to switch foods for all the cats and they’re all much healthier now as a result.I ADORE your rock/paddock piece. It’s just lovely!

  9. The Boy says:

    >Shouldn’t Suki be your great-grandkitten?

  10. Erica says:

    >At last – the rocks! Interesting that yours are so different to mine. I haven’t forgotten, just need to collect some more fabric and get started. I don’t do realistic quilts, so I’m not sure how the rocks will be interpreted yet…

  11. >Blue??Glad that Suki is improving.

  12. >LOVING the new quilt – and the very best purrs and fishes for little Suki.

  13. Rose Red says:

    >Love your interpretation of the rock in your quilt – you are very clever!Lots of ear scritches and tummy rubs for Suki, hope she is doing better.

  14. Miss Elena says:

    >I decided that I should give you a wave back from America![waves]

  15. Tanya says:

    >Hi Susan – I’m a newbie and you just posted on my blog. Hope your kitty is okay. I was very interested to read you’re from Castlemaine – my grandparents were from there and my dad grew up there. Small world!

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