>on the mend and on the increase


First up for those of you who sent positive thoughts for little Suki …well it worked. She’s home again and doing much better but if you don’t mind, we won’t discuss the cost of several days at the vet’s on a drip.
In other late breaking news the flock hereabouts is expanding. Not only is Ms Rosie due to kid in about 8 weeks but thanks to my enabler/ pusher [ that would be you, Maz my friend ] I am now the proud owner of another fluffy sheep tape measure, with another on the way. You DO know what this means, don’t you?

I have two goats with the fairly certain prospect of a third /fourth.

I have three sheep [ albeit tape measures ] with the prospect of a fourth. Not to mention these other ovine articles:

Oh… dear.

Three of anything constitutes a collection.
My collections are breeding sub-collections
Now last but very definitely not least, the next post will be my 200th and my first Blogiversary is in 3 weeks so of course there will be a little contest to celebrate both of these momentous events. The prizes will depend on whether the winner[s] are knitters or quilters. I’ll give you details in the next post and it will run until August 4.

9 thoughts on “>on the mend and on the increase

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    >I’m so glad that the fur child is doing better!Your sheep/goat collections are charming. There’s nothing to worry about unless they start defecating.

  2. >My little grey sheepie tape measure was thrilled to see a picture of her cousin! She’d been wondering how things were going for her and if she found a nice home. Now she just can’t stop smiling but is constantly asking if she is part of a collection and why there aren’t more little sheepies wandering around my condo.So happy to hear that kitty is recovering! Persephone and Desdemona send head bonks and chin nuzzles.

  3. >Method in my madness – at least I wont be the only crazy collector around!

  4. Rose Red says:

    >Hope you are planning some extensions to your house (perhaps some extra pens out the back??!!)Glad to hear Suki is on the mend.

  5. >SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPIES!!! (at least they’re small…) Such good news about Suki – woo!

  6. Tanya says:

    >So, are you going to start making goats cheese yet? First dibs if you do! Glad that your little one is on the mend.

  7. catsmum says:

    >goat cheese and / or goat milk soap !

  8. Laume says:

    >Another collection! NOOOOO! I’m avoiding them like the plague. But at least sheep are quiet and soft and helpful. You can count them if you’re having trouble sleeping.

  9. >I think you need to add a photo of the teddy collection… just incase anyone hasn’t quite realised the extent of your obsessiveness.Thanks everyone for thinking of my little girl.Laume – the sheep might be quiet but the goats arn’t!

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