>With apologies to Robbie Burns

>Yes, the best laid plans of the Catsmum went badly awry
This should have been a post about the trip down to Melbourne on the train, for the Vic Quilters’ Quilt Show [ State level big one for those OS ] and the associated mega craft expo thingy. There would have been tales of joyous reunion with my BFF Beryl over from Tassie for just the one day before flying out to England tomorrow.
There would have been glorious photos and sparkling text.
There would no doubt have been purchases…
and stunning quilts…
You would have been rivetted.
Instead I’m sitting here full of antibiotics and tetanus shot.
Last night, Ms Caramel decided that I was personally responsible for all that is ill in her world at the moment and fastened herself onto my wrist.
There was the full length of her not inconsiderable incisors buried into my soft and squishy bits.
There was blood.
There was pain.
There was not nice language.
There was a very uncomfortable, largely sleepless night and an early morning call to the Dr.
I am now home with extra puncture mark and pills.
and you want to know the worst thing?
the absolute worst thing?

It hurts too bloody much to knit or hand sew.

ETA Okay I’m doubly pissed off now about not going to Jeff’s Shed. Just had a call from BFF Beryl to say that she won the awards for Best Amateur Small Quilt and also Best machine quilting on a domestic machine [ amateur ] and I WASN’T THERE TO SEE HER GET HER AWARD AND TO CHEER HYSTERICALLY.


21 thoughts on “>With apologies to Robbie Burns

  1. mehitabel says:

    >Oh, no!! What a sad way to spend what should have been a lovely time! I hope you have rapid healing of the punctured wrist–I had a cat bite once that had my hand swollen to twice its size, so I definitely empathize with your pain!

  2. Rose Red says:

    >Will it help if we cheer hysterically? YAY BFF BERYL, YAY YOU, WOO HOOOOOO!Clearly Ms Caramel was just trying to get close to you. Hope the healing fairies are looking kindly on you.

  3. >Awww 😦 but she’s usually such a nice cat… I swear! You probably did too actually.I’m so sorry you missed seeing Beryl because of Caramel, hope you get to see her when she comes back.Some time when I have a few days off Dave can come stay with me so you can go visit her in Tassie.

  4. >So sorry to hear about all of this, I was expecting to see all of the wonderful purchases and quilts and pics of Beryl and….. well, if it is any consolation at all, I missed out too…both of us were feeling a little unwell…hopefully Chris will see you tomorrow, I will get him to call……XXX (Hope the hand heals quickly)!

  5. Nora says:

    >Oh no! Hope you’re feeling better now (that’s why I’ve got a dog!) 🙂

  6. rubyrose says:

    >ohhh, what rotten luck! hope it heals up quickly, and that Ms Caramel survived to repent her folly.

  7. >OH NOES!!poor you – poor cat – so not fair – best wishes for speedy recovery and appropriately apologetic cat! Will you miss the show entirely?

  8. catsmum says:

    >yes unfortunately today was the only day i could have gone down :[

  9. Val says:

    >Gulp, you’d better not see what I posted today…Hope you’re better soon.

  10. Bells says:

    >ouchies. That does not sound nice at all. Your poor wrist!!! Heal up soon.

  11. RachelW says:

    >Oh, nooooo! I’m so sorry! What a stinker! Cat scratches and bites are NASTY. I take back the nice things I said about her yesterday. Bad cat. (I might still have some of my Chinese cat food around, if you’re interested…)

  12. >Oh nooooooo!!! That is beyond unfair. Those little teeth can sure do a wicked job on hapless flesh. I hope you feel better soon. I’m sure Ms. Caramel didn’t mean to really hurt you. She probably feels badly about it…But I’m guessing you arent’ planning on knitting her a new kitty bed in the near future. Rest up! Feel better soon!

  13. Alice says:

    >So sorry that your new ‘child’ is is having some relocation issues!!!I hope your wrist recovers quickly and completely, and Ms Caramel learns when she on a good thing.BTW, have you come across Kerri from Colourofthegarden? She has at least 20 cats on her farm in USA.Thanks for putting me right re ‘Jeff’s Shed’.

  14. Jejune says:

    >I’m so sorry to hear about the Ms Caramel Attack and consequences – SO disappointing 😦 Hope your hand is feeling better really quickly. Having owned both cats and dogs, I must admit I like the no-pointy-claws aspect of dogs…

  15. Alice says:

    >Hey, Susan, can you send me your email address, please. Mine’s on my Profile. Thanks.

  16. TinkingBell says:

    >Cheer for you! Get better soon – and tell Ms Caramel to BRUSH HER TEETH!

  17. >No sharp claws is all well and good, but personally I’d far rather be bitten by a cat than a dog!

  18. ikkinlala says:

    >I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  19. >Are you better yet? MISS YOU!

  20. Tanya Brown says:

    >Just checking in. I hope you’re doing better! I don’t suppose Ms. Caramel will make up for her spate of ill temper by helping out around the house?

  21. >you must be feeling pretty yuk – have been watchng the blog and you havent posted for awhile…..hope you are improving and healing so that you can get back to the stuff you love doing

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