>Friday Fotos


As promised, the Fryerstown Cemetery. This is the one that I was told was amongst the most haunted in Oz. If that’s so they were staying out of the sun.
The temperature DID drop about ten degrees as I came through the gate [ cue eerie music ]
but that had more to do with the fact that I was passing from bright sunlight into the shade of tall gums than with the presence of anything supernatural.
It’s certainly beautiful and dates from the 1850s or 60s and judging from the obviously recent interrments, is still in use.The more affluent denizens are, not surprisingly for the time, all in the Anglican section.
Many of the graves in the Methodist and Presbyterian sections are unmarked. Again, not surprising, given how many impoverished welsh and cornish miners ended their days here.
I thought this one in the anglican section was particularly sad. The family lost one son at 19 in 1902, then the mother and father passed away never knowing that their two other sons were both killed in France during the Great War… one of them only a month before the war ended. It doesn’t seem fair somehow to come through all that carnage only to lose one’s life when the end was in sight. Strange too, the wording of the first son’s memorial : son of Henry and M. Sanger. Why didn’t Maria get her full name on there? Did the stonemason run out of room or did Henry think only his name mattered?

There didn’t seem to be quite as many graves of young children as I have seen at the Castlemaine Cemetery. This touching one for “our darling Roy” described him as “another little bud in heaven”

>bush ramble


Most of the native flowers [ other than the ubiquitous wattle ] on my bush block are tiny and easy to miss, but worth the effort taken to seek them out.
Sun Orchid [ about 3/4″ across ] has no leaves .
Scented Sundew. I showed this carniverous plant a couple of weeks ago before it flowered. now there are hundreds thousands of them.
Early Nancy [ about 1/4″ across ] This one is REALLY hard to find as there are only a few of them spread over the 10 acres and they bloom for about 2 weeks of the year. Last year I missed them completely. This one is a male flower and the female is similar with a slightly different centre and often only a single bloom. Apparently they occasionally throw up a hermaphroditic form as well. Who knew? Kinky floral sex in Central Vic!

[ now if I’d made that the title of this post, can you imagine the searches that would have thrown up?]

>Hey lookit what I found!

>It seems there is a growing trend of which I was until this past week or so completely unaware and I’m not quite so how the genesis of such a truly important trend managed to pass me by, seeing as the wilds of Central Victoria is usually such a hotbed of all that is ‘new’ and ‘up-to-the-minute'[ that was sarcasm in case you missed it ]
Yes I’m talking about the cat yoga again.
You may remember that Suki is the one responsible for introducing Sophie to this esoteric eastern art
so I was rather happy when in a nice piece of serendipity, I found THIS waiting for me at my favourite second hand book store [ and before you ask, Val, not the one at Campbell’s Creek … Soldier and Scholar, the smaller one in Barker Street opposite the Library ]

Ms Caramel was seen practising what looked very like the cobra pose yesterday so obviously it’s catching on. Currently Oakley is the only holdout Chez Catsmum.

HE says it’s because yoga poses are not conducive to the gravitas required of the more ‘mature’ purrson.

Sophie and Caramel just think it’s because he’s too fat.


Sophie has pointed out that I am in error. She has been doing yoga for years and was originally taught by Swami Smokey [ sadly no longer with us ]

>Hey Baby

>Nadie and The Boy looked after Riley on Friday night and she was under orders to make sure that there was plenty of photographic proof [ as I haven’t seen him since April, which is a whole other story ]
Being a thoughtful and dutiful daughter, and needing no encouragement whatsoever for the wielding of the camera, she duly obliged:
My grandson is now blonde apparently and no curls. Completely takes after his mum, that one.
In a showing of great restraint, I’ve just pinched this one photo from his besotted aunt so if you absolutely need to see more baby photos, you can follow over there.

>Mummy’s little helpers


I think David got tired of seeing the same measily few feet of handspun sitting on the Ashford for the last six months few days. Being the subtle creature that he is, he appears to have hit upon the ideal way to draw my attention to the apparent lack of progress in the spinning department – he ever so carefully unwound the thread and rewound it like so:
Not to be outdone in the helping department, Sophie decided that the other yarn parked on the Ashford would look better worn as a head adornment. Very fetching.
and the end result?

>Sophie’s five minutes of Fame

>My friend ‘Jane’ and I have long known that Ms Moggie and Sophie are identical twins separated at birth – except for them being different ages – and back in May I left a comment or two on her Blog. Today, she decided to update that post by adding a photo of Soph. So now you can all judge the similarity for yourselves. That’s Sophie at the bottom.
Meanwhile Caramel would like to introduce you to the new love of her life: BBB [ big brown bear ] She’s currently spending hours a day giving him back massages. How do you feel about interspecies relationships? Do you think they have a future together ?

>Are these ME or what?

>Gee, I don’t know …

beautiful ceramic buttons ?
blue and white ?
japanese motif ?
locally made ?
reasonable price ?
yeah I thought so too :]

Found these buttons at the Central Goldfields Gallery, Maryborough for $3 a card of two. The maker is Jean Taylor from Bendigo. No email or website details but there’s a phone number.
I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with them but I don’t really think that’s relevant. They are beautiful objects in their own right. For the time being I’ll probably just add them to my bowl of japanese blue and white beads and balls.
ETA [again] well there weren’t any more at the Gallery on Wednesday this week but I’ve just come back from an event there tonight where I met the button lady herself. I’ve ordered another two cards and she’s also okayed putting the phone # here for any of you aussies that might be interested. So : [03] 54418070