>Fryerstown Friday Fotos

>Fryerstown is a very small hamlet about 15 minutes drive from here. It’s one of those faded little places that time and fortune have pretty much passed by, a relic of the glory days of the Victorian goldrush left to languish after the gold ran out and the miners moved on – which is probably why so many of the mining era remnants remain. Surrounded on all sides by State Forest,and with more sheep than people, it’s too small to even boast a general store any more, and in fact about the only thing that keeps Fryerstown on the map is the Antiques and Collectables Fair held there on the weekend closest to Australia Day. Chris and Maz have a permanent ‘booking’ at my place for that week each year.

I trot out to Fryerstown a couple of times a week for dance classes and the drive is a pretty one, so I thought that today I’d take you with me. Not to class per se. I may be a dag but I don’t really have to provide you with visual proof … but just a wee taste of the surroundings.
The deep gullies caused by mining :

the Duke of Cornwall Engine House

interesting old stone walls.

Some years ago I was told, apparently in all seriousness, that the Fryerstown Cemetery is the ‘most haunted’ in Australia and that the temperature drops by ten degrees as you enter the cemetery gate… I haven’t as yet had reason to check that out for myself. Colour me somewhat sceptical!


11 thoughts on “>Fryerstown Friday Fotos

  1. Jejune says:

    >Thanks for the photo tour of Fryerstown – love that old stuff. With you on the sceptical front 😉

  2. >Great photo’s… very atmospheric. Talking of ghosts, I’m organising a group to do a Haunted Ghost Walk through the city on a Saturday night in a couple of weeks. Someone said he didn’t want to go cause he’d get scared, and I laughed and said that’s ok I’ll probably end up squealing like a stuck pig and climbing in someone’s lap!

  3. >~~we~ ~must~ ~take~ ~a~ ~stroll~ ~through~ ~the~ ~cemetery~ ~sometime~~ ~oooOOOOOoooo…!~~ Like on those days when it is 40 degrees C, at least we might be able to cool down!!!

  4. >I love photo tours! I get to travel and I don’t have to wear shoes or get a passport photo taken. And this was a particularly nice trip to take on a Friday morning with my coffee close to hand.

  5. Linda says:

    >How about piccies of the cemetery???? Do “strange apparitions” appear in digital photography, or is that the province of old film phototography, where there was a light leak in the film can???Would be interestig to try and see.No deliberately hiding people (or goats etc) round the corner, mind.Nice pics, BTW

  6. Alice says:

    >Great photos, Susan. Looks like just the place to hide a few ghosts.

  7. MadMad says:

    >Very cool! Thanks for the tour! I love cemeteries! (Sorry about all the exclamation points. Apparently, I am overcome.)

  8. Val says:

    >Fryerstown is within walking distance to our place (a good walk) and I love your photos. Didn’t realise they had put a “roof” on the Duke of Cornwell mine, we usually don’t go out that road.I LOVE the fair, as long as the weather isn’t stinking hot. It’s such a beautiful scene. Do you dance in the Burke and Wills Hall? Years ago they used to hold social dances there (ladies bring a plate!)I’m a bit of a cemetery afficionado, have visited that cemetery a few years ago, but didn’t notice anything unusual. Must go again to check it out!

  9. catsmum says:

    >No Val, we dance at the ‘Tin Shed’ at the other end of Fryerstown heading towards your place.

  10. catsmum says:

    >Okay this weeks’s photo essay will definitely have to be the Fryerstown cemetery!

  11. Laume says:

    >I was going to jump up and down and hold my breath and try to coerce you into going to the cemetery and then showing us the photos but… everyone else beat me to it and I see you’ve already had your arm pulled quite nicely. YAH! I’ll be looking forward to it.

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