>Are these ME or what?

>Gee, I don’t know …

beautiful ceramic buttons ?
blue and white ?
japanese motif ?
locally made ?
reasonable price ?
yeah I thought so too :]

Found these buttons at the Central Goldfields Gallery, Maryborough for $3 a card of two. The maker is Jean Taylor from Bendigo. No email or website details but there’s a phone number.
I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with them but I don’t really think that’s relevant. They are beautiful objects in their own right. For the time being I’ll probably just add them to my bowl of japanese blue and white beads and balls.
ETA [again] well there weren’t any more at the Gallery on Wednesday this week but I’ve just come back from an event there tonight where I met the button lady herself. I’ve ordered another two cards and she’s also okayed putting the phone # here for any of you aussies that might be interested. So : [03] 54418070


13 thoughts on “>Are these ME or what?

  1. lisette says:

    >buy ALL of them – they’re gorgeous and if you don’t want a truckload of them i’ll buy them šŸ™‚

  2. >I think it is the “Jean Taylor” who is Ken Arnold’s partner (wife?)…..she is involved with buttons of all types and is a member of the Button Club in Victoria…..(Ken Arnold, Bendigo, antique dealer, author of all those collectibes books and self-publisher).

  3. Nora says:

    >Yes! You’ll definitely need at least 8! Btw, can we see your Japanese beads pleeeease?

  4. >Buy as many as you can – how PERFECT!!

  5. Bells says:

    >oh yes. Get more. You must. And what to do with them is irrelevant. You just have to have them.

  6. >Yes!!! Yes, you must buy them all! Leave no stone unturned…find them. Bring them home. Even if you never use them on a garment, anything that is that lovely and so “you” should be in your possession!Good find!

  7. Debbie says:

    >Should you buy another packet? Was that even a serious question šŸ˜‰ ? Of course you should, and better yet, find out more about the person who makes such lovely things!Seriously, even six buttons is often at the low end of ‘enough’, and if they’re so unique, you’ll want at least one for a replacement (ask me how I know….)

  8. Robbyn says:

    >I guess I’ll throw my vote in even though it’s no different – definitely you should get as many as you want šŸ™‚ If enough for a garment is sufficient, that’s cool.If more than that, maybe you should start a button exclusive jar and use these as the seed šŸ™‚

  9. catsmum says:

    >robbynI’ve had a button ‘jar’ since I started sewing over 30 years ago, seeded from my mother’s which was seeded from HER mother’s.

  10. Val says:

    >They are gorgeous. I’ve told you before, and I’ll say it again: you MUST go to Buttonmania in the Nicholas Building, Swanston St. Melbourne. You will froth at the mouth.

  11. Val says:

    >Oh, and at the craft fair there was a stall called Oriental Beads that had me swooning. (03) 9576 0075

  12. Jejune says:

    >Really stylish and beautiful buttons there … maybe sew them onto a bag or something to show them off?

  13. Erica says:

    >Buy. More. Buttons. Repeat this as a mantra and you will convince yourself. These buttons all but have your name on them!

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