>Mummy’s little helpers


I think David got tired of seeing the same measily few feet of handspun sitting on the Ashford for the last six months few days. Being the subtle creature that he is, he appears to have hit upon the ideal way to draw my attention to the apparent lack of progress in the spinning department – he ever so carefully unwound the thread and rewound it like so:
Not to be outdone in the helping department, Sophie decided that the other yarn parked on the Ashford would look better worn as a head adornment. Very fetching.
and the end result?


7 thoughts on “>Mummy’s little helpers

  1. Bells says:

    >not very subtle, are they? 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    >Kids (and cats) can be as subtle as bricks, can’t they?BTW, how do you cross out typing?

  3. Lisa L says:

    >What a pair! You had just better get spinning!

  4. catsmum says:

    >Maz has been trying to leave this comment and the puter won’t let her so we’re seeing if it will let me:Hey, I’m currently staying here at chez catsmum and I still have to leave a comment! …..um,well, at least they are taking an interest in your work!

  5. lisette says:

    >nothing like a critic is there? i did note that your spinning is very fine and even. is you back(side) up to letting you spin at all?

  6. MadMad says:

    >Oh no! Can you fix it?

  7. >Yup. Those are “signs” if I ever saw them. And I actually think that David did a nice job rewinding the yarn for a non-spinner. You can see where he has the basic idea. Maybe there is a spinner in there just waiting to get out and finish up that yarn for you? The kitty? Not so much…

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