>bush ramble


Most of the native flowers [ other than the ubiquitous wattle ] on my bush block are tiny and easy to miss, but worth the effort taken to seek them out.
Sun Orchid [ about 3/4″ across ] has no leaves .
Scented Sundew. I showed this carniverous plant a couple of weeks ago before it flowered. now there are hundreds thousands of them.
Early Nancy [ about 1/4″ across ] This one is REALLY hard to find as there are only a few of them spread over the 10 acres and they bloom for about 2 weeks of the year. Last year I missed them completely. This one is a male flower and the female is similar with a slightly different centre and often only a single bloom. Apparently they occasionally throw up a hermaphroditic form as well. Who knew? Kinky floral sex in Central Vic!

[ now if I’d made that the title of this post, can you imagine the searches that would have thrown up?]

6 thoughts on “>bush ramble

  1. >I love those tiny, delicate, little blooms and how they seem to be flourishing in such a rugged place. I am, of course, a fragile flower myself. This is why I am so appreciative…

  2. >….better watch that language, they will be classifying you in the adults only section…….!!!

  3. Nora says:

    >I love the sun orchid – the petals are beautiful.

  4. Rose Red says:

    >Great pictures. I love the way nature can constantly surprise and amaze, and that the most fragile things can exist in such an incongruous setting. So cool!

  5. Alice says:

    >The miracle of nature with flowers coming back year after year, despite the heat, the cold, and the dry – and the goats!

  6. Bells says:

    >lovely. I love flower photos and I love wild flowers. A winning combination.

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