>A kid in the kitchen, EZ, and other stuff

>Ruby says hello :]

Current reading – in the last week with David on holidays, and therefore less running around, I’ve finished the second book in the Dresden Files [ Fool Moon ] as well as book three and I’m now onto number four [ Summer Knight ] It’s less than a year since I read these the first time but I’m enjoying the re-read.
Next cab off the rank, once I finish the Jim Butchers, will be one of Lisa See’s … probably Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.
Quilting – still making triangles for the vase quilt’s border. I’ve decided to cut the purple inner border from 4″ [ two triangles wide ] to 2″. It looks much better. I tried the charcoal as the inner border [ just looked flat and dead ] and also played with placing a narrow charcoal one inside the purple… that didn’t work either… the colours are just too close in tone.
Knitting – As soon as I started reading Knitblogs, I also started seeing references to EZ and BSJ. Huh??? What was this? Some secret code that only the cognoscenti understood? Well eventually I worked out that EZ was Elizabeth Zimmermann, an American based, British born knitwear guru that I had been marginally aware of in the last great knitting wave of the 70s and 80s. The mysterious BSJ is her fabulously clever Baby Surprise Jacket, which is a classic from the early 70s and probably the cleverest piece of knitting engineering on the planet. Now I understand. It takes a long time to type in Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket so I guess it’s not a conspiracy to make the rest of us feel foolish after all, just a desire for brevity. [ yeah well there’s probably a teensy bit of the ‘wanting to be one of the cool kids who knows what’s what’ involved as well]
Anyhoo, thanks to some rare and handy enabling from Chris and Maz, I have my very own copies of two of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s classics: The Knitter’s Almanac and The Knitting Workshop [ which contains the aforementioned BSJ ]
What did it matter that I was about nine tenths finished on a baby top down raglan? Restraint? Pshaw! I scoff at restraint!
I scoured the stash, dived on a ball of lovely Opal Prisma that Nora gave me through GoodYarnKarma and cast on the BSJ on Thursday night. On Friday morning it looked like this:
Yesterday was mostly spent looking after David who was throwing up uncontrollably but I still managed some knitting in between the bouts of washing down the loo walls when he didn’t quite make it in time. [ TMI ??]
anyway by the time I finished the last Ruby feeding and tidied up, it looked like this:
a couple of folds and presto chango:

the woman is a bona fide genius.
and I have to tell you something: whoever said that they’re like potato chips wasn’t kidding. You really can’t stop at one. This morning I cast on for BSJ2. This time in an 8-ply / Sport [ Patons Zest ] that I just happen to have the right amount of in the stash.
I haven’t sewn the first one up yet because it’s Purl’s Princesses on Tuesday and if I’m still knitting on number 2, I want to be able to show them how that strange looking object becomes a jacket.

and btw David is a lot better today although a bit pale and tired. The downer is that it means we had to miss my aunt’s 80th berfday bash in Melbourne. I couldn’t put him through two lots of two hours in the car, plus he couldn’t have eaten anything at the Bistro with a dodgy tummy anyway. We don’t get to gather the whole clan all that often. Bugger.


>because she asked so nicely [edited to add an extra photo ]


this is for tanya
who wanted to know what I had in mind for the corners. Just as well she didn’t ask sooner though. I only drafted this bit yesterday.
There’s a teeny triangle still to go across the corner in charcoal. The elongated diamond shape in the corner unit is pieced from the two darker jades from the maze section for just that reason – I had only the tiniest amount left of each and this was a way of repeating the colour.
Repetition – whether of shape or colour – is always a good design strategy.
There’s still the possibility of using the purple as an outer border outside of the charcoal – which would also take care of the repetition angle – but I’m not sure.
… and I keep saying “the” charcoal but there are actually two of them in there. I was scrimping along with what I had, trying to make it go as far as I needed it too, when my friend Beverley donated some leftovers that are exactly the same shade but a marginally different splotchy print. You can tell them apart in the corner unit but in the small triangles they look the same.
ETA SO – none of you were all that enthused by the proposed corner treatment… which is fair enough. I’d rather have constructive criticism than uncritical adulation [ I think … let me check with the ego for a sec … yeah, we’re good ]
Bearing in mind that a] I have a deadline with this and b] it DOES have to relate to the vase that was the basis of the original design in some way
c]there are very limited amounts of some of the fabrics left
how about something like this then?


>In between the ‘being crook’ [ do my American friends understand that term ? – it’s Aussie for being unwell ] and the multiple sets of overlapping house guests, there has still been quilt progress. Not as much as I would like, but progress nonetheless. Basically, whenever I have 5 spare minutes [ and provided that I actually think about it ] I wander down to that end of the house and sew a triangle or two or three. The triangles of the left hand side border is seamed together. The rest is still in units.

ETA: I’m not sure what happened but three of the photos that were attached to this post seem to have just disappeared into the ether. As two of them were the ones of the quilt, anyone who saw the post without them will be wondering what the heck I’m going on about a quilt for. They were there this morning, so I’ve got NO idea what happened. Anyway, I’m reinstating them. If you’re reading this and there are suddenly two copies of some of the pics ? Well just let me know.

>cute kids – fly by posting

>Yesterday was the first day that Rowan and Ruby were out of the goat shed in the wider world of the house paddock. Rosie kept a fairly close eye on them and had a few ‘altercations’ with Robbyn who got a bit aggressive with them to start with. After a few head butting contests, it’s all sorted. Keep an eye on Nadie’s Blog from about Monday. She has some very cute video of Ruby and Rowan exploring their expanded world.
My grandson Riley has had his first visit to Nannie’s so not a lot of work got done. Big surprise there. So here is another cute kid:
It’s taken Blogger over a day and umpty gazillion tries to let me upload this one photo.


>there has been a distinct lack of knitting content this past week or two I will admit … soft snuggly little critters aplenty, a modicum of quilting but none of the yarny goodness.
So here’s what I’ve been doing:
Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater [again]
3.5mm straights and dpns
Panda Baby Lustre 4-ply [ fingering] 2 balls- quite a bit thinner than the recommended yarn. The pattern was sized for 3-6 months and I wanted newborn. This yarn has a filament of something like shiny rayon very loosely wound around it – looks superb, splits like buggery, real pita to knit with. Interesting the way the yarn went into almost identical stripes on the sleeves. Not too keen on that patch of white that pooled just under the yoke on the right front but not enough to break the yarn and get rid of it. I may be obsessive but not THAT much.
I usually cast on an extra 4 stitches under the arms to make the sleeves just a little fuller and didn’t do the decreases at the wrist. I put an extra repeat of the slip stitch pattern around the bottom.
Also I put the buttonholes closer together than the pattern called for. There are normally 22 rows and I did them every 16. Next time I’d probably go with 18.
reading: Bound Feet and Western Dress by Pang-Mei Natasha Chang
Fool Moon – Jim Butcher
Knitting : baby hat for donation
quilting : still making triangles for the Jonson Collection quilt now dubbed ‘Amazeing’ by my friend Nic.
health – still slowly getting better from last week’s ep. Innards still a bit squirgly and tender.

Birthday report – David had a wonderful day and we had takeaway pizza for tea which only happens once a year.

>Ruby times 2

>There is a long and involved story about how I got Ms Rosie.

She was originally named Crystal and she and her twin were sold to a woman who was one of the ‘ goats will survive on grass’ brigade. Not in a drought they won’t.

Anyway, she basically starved them and eventually surrendered them back to the breeder rather than face an RSPCA charge of cruelty.

This is where I came in.

The breeder [ Rosie S ] works with my David at his day placement. I had already indicated my willingness to buy one of her next season’s doe kids, so she asked me how I felt about rehabilitating one of the poor abused twins for a very very reduced purchase price after she’d spent two weeks feeding them up.
Of course I said yes, but no goat of mine was going to be named Crystal so she became Rosie.
That day when Rosie S opened the back of the ute, I looked at this frail little girl and just fell in love.
Later, when I met Rosie S’s daughter, Ruby, I thought “How perfect is that? If my Rosie ever has a doe kid, I’m going to name it Ruby”

which patently obviously I have done :]

anyway today Rosie and Ruby came over to visit Ruby2. Do you think there’s a resemblance?

It’s been a tough couple of years for them: a retrovirus called CAE [ goat aids ] decimated half the herd, including my Rosie’s mother, twin and niece, and then the drought pretty much took care of the rest. They only have 2 left out of a herd of 40 … but for today at least they were happy girls.

Now just think. If they’d come over to visit yesterday, I could’ve titled the post Ruby Tuesday… or as RoseRed pointed out Ruby Shoesday