>The Maryborough project that’s been consuming my attention since February is completed and now I’ve finally gotten my head around the one for the Johnson Collection.

So it’s all systems go…

and it really needs to be as the exhibition opens in four weeks [ and that has to include quilting time for my favourite commercial machine quilter ]


remember this lot ?

it now looks like this

I’ll do the rest of that outer row tonight and tomorrow I’ll start on the triangle border. There’s a plain [ unpieced ] border to separate the greek key and the triangles and then another plain outer one after that.I’m not committing myself to the colours of the inner and outer borders yet until I see how it all looks together… but I AM leaning towards black or charcoal … maybe.


6 thoughts on “>Progress

  1. >Wow, it’s all systems go alright! Blink, and you will have it finished….well, looking great so far…..

  2. >That’s just lovely! I think you’ll make your deadline with time to spare on this one. I think the creative juices just needed to flow a bit. Look at how much you got done on this!!!

  3. Sara says:

    >oh, that is really going to be pretty. Didn’t realize you were a quilter and knitter, too. YES!! I’ll be spending some time at your blog…

  4. catsmum says:

    >I know it looks like I’ve done heaps but they’re not joined together yet and those blocks are tiny – only six inches. The pieced border is where the time is going to have to be put in: points. Lots and lots and lots of long skinny triangles….and we will not discuss the state of the house, will we?

  5. lisette says:

    >definitely charcoal – looks fabuloushow’s the expecting one?

  6. catsmum says:

    >Rosie’s fine but I’m getting REALLY nervous. She doesn’t seem big enough and I haven’t seen any movement from the kid[s], not even with my head to her flank when I’m milking her.Everyone please keep fingers crossed for the next few days.

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