>You too can have the power of BLOG

>Blogs are marvelous motivational tools I’ve discovered. Do you find yourself putting off a particular task? Seriously thinking of cleaning the pantry rather than hitting that sewing machine?

Well folks, with the power of BLOG you can overcome this problem. Just a few minutes a day with BLOG and you can share your intentions with the world!

Promise progress, and the power of BLOG springs into action!

Well okay, maybe not but just because I had said that I would, I made myself sit at the machine after dinner last night and finished the rest of the blocks for the centre [ or center for my american friends ] of the japanese vase quilt – NOTE TO SELF – needs a proper name.

This was where I was at by bedtime:

Looks impressive until you realise that they are only 6″ blocks, so what looks like most of a queen sized quilt is, in actual fact, about the size of a picnic cloth … a small picnic cloth.

No triangles so far.
I’d forgotten to factor in that today was Purl’s Princesses [ knitting group ] over at Daylesford, so no sewing until dinnertime. Had a lovely time at Purl’s. Robyn and I talked goats and I think the others now know a lot more about goat husbandry than they ever wanted or needed to :]
Anyway I couldn’t start on the foundation pieced triangle border after all because I’d forgotten to take my pattern to the copy shop, so I spent tonight joining yesterday’s blocks together. I don’t know why but this always takes longer than I think it’s going to. Pre Blogdom I probably would’ve stopped about halfway through and picked up the knitting.
So here’s the centre section all joined and pressed. There’s a bit of distortion from the pins but trust me, it IS square and straight and flat. The colour is way off on my monitor. The progress shot is much closer: purply lilacs rather than pinky burgundy.
Rosie countdown – [probably] – 5 days


11 thoughts on “>You too can have the power of BLOG

  1. lisette says:

    >that’s gorgeous susan – it shimmers! i hope rosie has a proper baby trousseau – is that why you’ve been doing all the baby knitting??

  2. Rose Red says:

    >I love this quilt – the colours are fabulous. There’s something about purple and green – lovely.

  3. >Very nice.Tell Rosie she’s not allowed be late. I want kids this visit.

  4. >Looking super – is the Johnston quilt going to be a keeper? I am thinking that you might have to finish it before Rosie becomes a Mum…you may be a little busy with “kids”…..

  5. MadMad says:

    >Funny… my blogging provides the opposite power: to not get anything done, in between all the reading, the writing, the reading, the yelling at kids so I can write… I can’t even imagine how you got such a beautiful work of art done. Wow.

  6. Debbie says:

    >Wonderful colors! I so envy your ability to get everything squared up so well.

  7. Nora says:

    >Beautiful Susan – is it a Log Cabin pattern?

  8. catsmum says:

    >yes Nora, well spotted. It’s basically a courthouse steps variation of Log Cabin – so the strips are added to opposite sides – top, bottom, left, right – rather than spiralling around. Which is odd because it gives exactly the impression of a spiral.I could do a picture tutorial if anyone’s interested.

  9. >Wow!!! That is just gorgeous! I’m impressed. I knew you’d make good progress, but this is like speed quilting or something! Must look into the Power Of The Blog…

  10. Jejune says:

    >Those fabrics and colours are just exquisite. I’m in awe of your abilities!

  11. Nora says:

    >Susan, the construction sounds amazing but if it’s your own design and you don’t want to distribute it, I understand. I know you’ve had problems with your students not crediting you for your work before [I recall reading about one of your quilts being published in a magazine without acknowledgement or permission]. Otherwise, a big YES [please!] to the tutorial. 🙂

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