>Birth Announcement


Posted by Nadie
Twin girls arrived about 4 and 4.30pm respectively. A nice quick delivery [ about an hour from start to finish ] with mum and bubs all doing well. The girls are currently bonding with mum / sleeping off their first feed. Poor Robbyn has been banned from the goat shed for the time being and it’s pouring so she’s been duly bribed with her favourite food to try and sweeten the deal.
Ruby, the smaller of the two, arrived first. She is a beautiful strawberry blonde girl with white on her head, belly and ankles. We thought she was all we were getting but, as we were finishing up the first feed, I noticed a foot hanging out and two minutes later Rowan arrived. Rowan definitely takes after Rosie in the looks department, although both girls have mum’s straight nose as opposed to dad’s roman one. Rowan is mostly white with caramel red on the back of her head and a stripe down her back. She has mum’s alert ears and Ruby has dad’s floppy rabbit ears.

The other ‘grandparents’ [ PND and Brenda ] heard the commotion and came over to see Ruby and to help with the clean up but left just before Rowan arrived.



10 thoughts on “>Birth Announcement

  1. >Congratulations Rosie on the birth of your two dear girls Ruby and Rowan!So Very happy to hear that all went well for you and everyone concerned. Thankyou to doctors – Susan and Nadie for a safe delivery. Rest well for your new life with the kids!(Susan -you now have more goats than cats (livestock)- are you now goatsmum?)

  2. >Fabulous photos – you must be feeling very proud. Both kids look a good size – do they get weighed?

  3. Nola G says:

    >Congrats on the birth of the grandkids. You must be so proud:) Now you can add goat midwiffery to the ‘done it’ list.

  4. Alice says:

    >Aren’t they just beautiful. Glad that all went well and ‘mum and bubs’ are doing well. How about the midwife???

  5. catsmum says:

    >the ‘midwife’ feels that this might be a good time to become a drinker – a stiff G & T might be in order :]

  6. Robbyn says:

    >I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes – how ridiculous is that? But they are such beautiful babies!Glad that you and Rosie came through in fine fettle too 🙂

  7. Tanya Brown says:

    >Aw, they’re beautiful! Congratulations to all.

  8. Nora says:

    >They’re gorgeous!! Rosie [and the mid wife] did well. Congratulations.

  9. Val says:

    >They are so lovely! And now you can add another skill to your CV.

  10. Jejune says:

    >Aaaaaaw! They’re GORGEOUS!! You must be so proud!

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