>Just kidding!


Well almost.

Yes folks, THIS time it is actually happening. I’ll spare you the gynacological details that have let us know it’s the real deal.

Just trust us – we have labour.

Nothing actually showing yet – if there was I wouldn’t be here blogging, I’d be out there, in the rain, ‘supervising’, and Nadie would be warming frozen bright yellow goat milk.

I’m hoping I don’t have to actually intervene but with such highly bred animals, nature isn’t always able to take it’s course apparently.

Seemed so simple five months ago. Bring goat A over for a visit with goat B. Listen to loud goaty love songs all night. Done deal.

It was really only the last few weeks when the breeder started telling me all the stuff I needed to be prepared for, that I realised what I had actually [potentially] gotten myself into. Gulp.

Oh and in case you haven’t read all the comments on the last post, today she gave 4.25 litres [ 2.2 pints to the litre so over a gallon ] – PND’s goats were only giving about 2 litres a day at their best. We are going to be awash in goat milk products. May even be ‘a washing in goat milk products [ Yeah. I know. Groan. Blame Nadie – she said it. Not me]
and also btw those huge hollows in her sides are normal for a Saanen. She’s actually overfed if anything but these girls just never get fat. It all goes into the milk.

One thought on “>Just kidding!

  1. >Very best wishes for you Rosie!

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