>Ruby times 2

>There is a long and involved story about how I got Ms Rosie.

She was originally named Crystal and she and her twin were sold to a woman who was one of the ‘ goats will survive on grass’ brigade. Not in a drought they won’t.

Anyway, she basically starved them and eventually surrendered them back to the breeder rather than face an RSPCA charge of cruelty.

This is where I came in.

The breeder [ Rosie S ] works with my David at his day placement. I had already indicated my willingness to buy one of her next season’s doe kids, so she asked me how I felt about rehabilitating one of the poor abused twins for a very very reduced purchase price after she’d spent two weeks feeding them up.
Of course I said yes, but no goat of mine was going to be named Crystal so she became Rosie.
That day when Rosie S opened the back of the ute, I looked at this frail little girl and just fell in love.
Later, when I met Rosie S’s daughter, Ruby, I thought “How perfect is that? If my Rosie ever has a doe kid, I’m going to name it Ruby”

which patently obviously I have done :]

anyway today Rosie and Ruby came over to visit Ruby2. Do you think there’s a resemblance?

It’s been a tough couple of years for them: a retrovirus called CAE [ goat aids ] decimated half the herd, including my Rosie’s mother, twin and niece, and then the drought pretty much took care of the rest. They only have 2 left out of a herd of 40 … but for today at least they were happy girls.

Now just think. If they’d come over to visit yesterday, I could’ve titled the post Ruby Tuesday… or as RoseRed pointed out Ruby Shoesday


4 thoughts on “>Ruby times 2

  1. Mia says:

    >Ruby Tuesday hehehe. Those little babies are TOO cute!! I wanna hold one!

  2. MadMad says:

    >Well, both Rubys (Rubies? Ruby’s?) ARE cute… that’s a resemblance, right?

  3. Rose Red says:

    >Or, if Ruby had visited on Tuesday and tried on your shoes, then you could have named the post Ruby SHOESday!(I’m not really that obsessed with shoes…)Wish I could visit Ruby & Rowan!

  4. Tanya Brown says:

    >Bless you for adopting Rosie. She’s a beautiful girl, the picture of health now.I can’t abide people who don’t take care of the animals in their custody.

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