>Foto Friday: Colour and Movement



10 thoughts on “>Foto Friday: Colour and Movement

  1. catsmum says:

    >Opening for Seniors Week at the Town Hall

  2. >Oh wonderful! They would get a lot of fun from that. Any newspaper photographers?

  3. Debbie says:

    >Love that third photo. I have a whole folder of pictures from my digital camera that came out blurred — not deliberately, but very nice in their own right.

  4. catsmum says:

    >Maz – no photographers that I could see -Thank God.Debbie – yeah there were plenty of non blurry photos. I thought that this one gave more of a sense of the frenetic energy.

  5. >Those are absolutely wonderful photographs. (they surpass mere “pictures.”) Now I want to belly dance again! I was all set to try it a while back, then got all distracted by some other little thing. But, I like the idea of that much color in my life!

  6. Val says:

    >Fun catching up on your blog, especially photos: your costume (seniors indeed!) and cat and kid eyeing each other off (in no particular order).I’ve got my seniors week planned out, so much to do!

  7. catsmum says:

    >Val – the AUDIENCE were Seniors… in fact it looked like God’s Waiting Room. We were moderately concerned that some of the older gentlemen might have found our gyrations a little too – ummm – stimulating, but there were no heart attacks as far as I know :]The age of the dancers ranges from 17 to 58.

  8. Rose Red says:

    >You look so cool! Love your hair!

  9. Tanya Brown says:

    >Great photos! I enjoyed the color and texture and movement of them.

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