>Finally! she cried

>Nadie has finally given up on the idea of loading video of the goatlets direct to Blogger and has gone over to the dark side.
The video that she shot when they were two weeks old and investigating the world outside the goat shed for the very first time, is here

October is a strange month weather-wise up here. Spring certainly, but last week we had three days of heavy frosts that decimated a fair bit of new growth, particularly some of the [ sob ] roses. The night before last it got down to 3 degreesC / 38F and then during the day it reached 29.6C / 85F… I started the day in a heavy jacket and ended it in a t-shirt and mildly sunburned !


4 thoughts on “>Finally! she cried

  1. >Here on the north east side of the US we’ve had some pretty big temperture changes from day to day as well. Very weird for Autumn…I’ll have to go look at some goats now. I haven’t seen a goat today. I need a goat fix!

  2. Jejune says:

    >Oh SO cute *faints* – they have floppy ears!It’s been really quite cold and windy here in Canberra, too, ick. Sorry about your roses :/

  3. Taphophile says:

    >Oh, cute overload! Love it when Rowan slides down the side.

  4. >I turned on the sound and there was Nadie having a giggle when one slides down the side… I hope we can get there soon before they grow too big!

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