>Cute overload

Meet Ruby and Rowan’s new little half-sister who finally arrived just after midnight, surprising everyone by being a singleton. Pete and Brenda spent another two hours waiting for ‘the rest of them’ to arrive before giving up and heading to bed.
At least Rosie had the good sense to deliver in the middle of the day.

…tiny wee thing she is too… and we were sure her mum had twins or triplets tucked in there but we wuz wrong! Still, good things come in small packages.

Happy Birthday baby


11 thoughts on “>Cute overload

  1. TinkingBell says:

    >All together now – ‘Aaawwwwww’ – such goaty cuteness – what a lovely kid you’ve got!

  2. catsmum says:

    >no not mine – this one is next door – half sister to my girls – different mum, same dad.

  3. >It’s the ears that get me at this age, I think. So soft and floppy! And oversized for the sweet little head…I just wanna squish ’em!!! That is “squish” gently and with love. Goats like that. At least I think they do…

  4. Rose Red says:

    >N’ooor – so cute! So little and floppy-eared and lovely!

  5. Alwen says:

    >Here’s my addition to the “Aawwww” chorus! They’re so cute as little kids!

  6. Sara says:

    >what a precious sweet little baby! She is so very cute!!!!

  7. >She is supercute, looks alot like her big sister India, exept the roman nose isnt really in evidence. Maybe that grows later. Has she got the same markings and white ear on the other side?Shame she wasn’t born by the time I was up last sat, given how much yours grew in the first couple of weeks.

  8. catsmum says:

    >yeah but Nadie this girl is REALLY little. They haven’t weighed her yet but I’d guess 2 kgs compared to Rowan and Ruby’s 4 and 4.5 so she’ll be cute for a while yet.

  9. Tanya Brown says:

    >Yep! “Awwwwww.” She looks so so soft and cuddly I could just melt at the sight of her.

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