>the nation might have stopped but I didn’t


Today is a public holiday here – for the Melbourne Cup – the race that stops a nation. I didn’t know the name of even one of the horses. Still don’t. Not particularly ‘into’ racing.
MY day was spent doing a modest amount of housework, some goat wrangling, raking up straw and goat poo, moving a small mountain’s worth of soil, mulching, weeding, taking tea on the verandah with David, playing with Ruby and Rowan and a brief visit next door to see how their wee half sister is doing. She still has no name but the Shetland ponies are now Lilly and Bobbi. PND confused me by calling the little one ‘he’ but Brenda assures me that they’re both girls… and to answer Nadie’s question … yes, the new little goaty girl’s markings are quite symmetrical.

snowflake tally: 14
tonight I’m working on Riley’s polo top instead
and this is what I posted down for Miss Sasha Annabel

and just so you know
it’s seven weeks ’til the fat man in the red suit arrives.


10 thoughts on “>the nation might have stopped but I didn’t

  1. >I spent the day working a nine hour shift at public holiday rates. More profitable then betting on the horses would have been I’m sure.

  2. >Not into horse racing myself either – all I know is a horse won!Sweet dress for Sasha Annabel. The snowflakes are mounting up – before you know it you will have a white xmas!

  3. >By the way, what is the thread and size hook you are using?

  4. Robbyn says:

    >Is that a hollyhock in your top picture? I’m jealous 🙂 Everyone used to grow them around here 40 years ago and no one does now. And I miss them!Thanks for the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with that delicate a color before!

  5. Sara says:

    >Susan, you aren’t playing fair…I have no little one…and I don’t think my daughter is going to bless with a grandchild anytime soon…and you keep posting these adorable little outfits for babies…I am awestruck by this one…it is so cute…Pattern??? Please???Really like the pretty snowflakes, too.

  6. Donna Lee says:

    >I so did not need to hear how close the holiday-that-shall-come-too-fast is. I will probably not do much knitting because I don’t need the stress. I’ll just keep up with my peaceful, quiet knitting and if I get things done, I will give them as gifts if not, oh well, gifts after Christmas are nice, too.

  7. catsmum says:

    >answers -Robbyn – yes that’s a hollyhock – despite the harsh environment up here, english cottage plants are thriving in my little patch of garden: larkspur, cornflower, hollyhock, roses and irises.Maz – pearl cotton, and an unidentified cotton one about the same weight, on a 1.75mm hookSara – it’s modified from a vintage Patons jacket pattern, book 611, pattern 30. Basically just made 2 backs.You can email Patons – they are very good about the patterns in their archives but remember that the australian/english crochet terms are different than the american ones … enquiries@auspinners.com.au, and quote the one you’re after

  8. >7 weeks??? Oh good heavens! I’m doomed. That’s OK. I’ve been doomed before and weathered it fairly well. I should make snowflakes! That would help me to feel just a tiny bit more “on track” with the holiday preparations…

  9. Jejune says:

    >I don’t even know who won! LOL :)Those snowflakes are really beautiful!

  10. mehitabel says:

    >I so did not need to be reminded of that! With a new baby due any time now and the possibility of another one (middle daughter is adopting) shortly thereafter, I don’t know if I can think about Christmas yet! But your snowflakes are lovely. I had made a few dozen in macrame oh so many years ago, and I still like them!

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