>Shhh! Reading…


New Kerry Greenwood:
Can’t talk now … reading

back tomorrow for Shoesday.


5 thoughts on “>Shhh! Reading…

  1. Erica says:

    >I LOVE this series. Where can I get me a Daniel?

  2. catsmum says:

    >Mmmm yes, Daniel…yummy Israeli god with a penchant for well padded lady. Maybe we could share one long distance.

  3. MadMad says:

    >Oooh, I love the new header; tres belle! And the scarf for Auntie – I’m sure she won’t care it’s hot. There are sacrifices we all must make for beauty.

  4. >Hmm another one I’m going to have to swipe next time I’m up

  5. Jejune says:

    >She’s a favourite of mine too – I love all her books! Enjoy!

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