>It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

>…at least around here
I’ve decided that the most practical way of showing you the reality of Christmas decorating Chez Catsmum might be to do it one room at a time.
Last year, as always, I took copious photos but not in any logical fashion, with the result that I have multiple multiple multiple views of some bits and none at all of others. Of course I only realise what I’d missed when I went looking for it as a visual reference for planning this year’s placements.
Christmas Edict Number One –
this year it SHALL be different. In theory the house will be systematically photographed one room at a time.
SO I’m starting the Christmas Tour with the rumpus room. Partly because it’s at one end of the house [ and I can work along from there ] and it seems like a logical place to start and also because it’s done. There are slight differences from last year because the furniture has been moved and of course that affects the placement of some of the stuff.
BTW What do you think would be a good collective noun for a large group of fat men in red suits? A jolly of Father Christmasses ? A hohoho of Santas?? A gift giving of Saint Nicks ????


10 thoughts on “>It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

  1. Carol says:

    >Oh good grief, I am exhausted just looking at it all. It must take you a whole month to set it up! My first thoughts were though, where on earth do you store it all for the other 11 months of the year. That would be my biggest problem. Oh, that and the cat, who would think it was an open invitation to play! LOL

  2. Tanya Brown says:

    >Proposed plural of Santa: Santae.”Dang, I tripped on the basket of Santae!”

  3. Alwen says:

    >Okay, I’m an eeediot. I looked at all the decorations on your heater and wondered why they weren’t burning up. Of course it’s 0 C. here in Michigan, and we’re burning hickory in the soapstone woodstove, so our stove is probably a bit warmer than yours at this moment!

  4. >Wow!!! Oh, wowee-wow!!! That is amazing…But didn’t you have a coccyx injury a while back? It’s probably a bit silly to tell you to be careful and to not over-do things. But, do make sure to rest a bit in between decorating exercises!!! Santa likes us healthy on the big day, you know.Now, I must go back and start the tour over. It makes me so very happy…

  5. Sara says:

    >Oh my goodness…you really do get into the decorating mood. I’m not quite the decorator…never been good at it. I was missing that gene! Haven’t made any decision about the holiday this year…but, I did sing along with a Toby Keith Christmas special yesterday. Go figure!

  6. Rose Red says:

    >My goodness! You have more christmas decorations in one room than I do in my whole house!!!And as for names, I’m quite partial to a Ho Ho of Santae.

  7. meggie says:

    >Here from Leanne. My goodness I cant believe you have all that out now! My girlfriend would be thrilled to see it all! She is a real Xmas freak, & goes all out to decorate!Loved seeing your cats, how gorgeous.So, is your house a Santarium??

  8. MadMad says:

    >I don’t think you’re supposed to call it a ho-ho-ho any more, so we’ll have to go with a jolly. Though I just can’t imagine what those P.C. police were thinking on that one. The house looks AWESOME! Very, very fun!

  9. catsmum says:

    >Can someone please explain to me why HoHoHo is politically incorrect? Is it an American thing?

  10. >I had forgotten how well you “do” the decorating this time of year.I have an 18 year old who wants me committed if I buy any more purple Christmas stuff……lets NOT look in the bags in the Studio eh??

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