>the Christmas Tour day 3 and a pressie

>Missy’s room – otherwise known as the Spare Room and/or the Yarn Stash room
I’m reasonably restrained in here – not even a tree.
MissC was a little unsure about all her new ursine room mates but is now quite philosophical about it all, and loves ‘her’ Log Cabin quilt.
Little does she realise what awaits her on December 1 [ mwahaha …cue portentious doom-laden music]

and speaking of doom, keeping the 1990 Log Cabin company, we have THIS [ahem] ‘delightful piece’ which is the very first chrissy quilt I made back in 1985 – which you can probably tell from the very WHITE white and the fire engine red – and let us not talk about the ripply border and binding.
Things I learned from this quilt?
-If you’re going to hand quilt in red thread on white cloth, your stitches need to be pretty damn near perfect or else the whole world will know…
– don’t try to hand quilt 10-stitches-to-the-inch through half inch puffy polyester batting [ except that it was all we had – apart from INCH thick poly batting – back then, when dinosaurs ruled the earth ]
and also…
– red hailspots on white will read as pink from more than 3′ away

Following Caity’s not so subtle hint in the Comments yesterday, I headed for the Post Office first thing this morning and found…
vintage knitting books from her Nanna’s collection. Woo! and may I add, Hoo!
Not one but TWO 1930s Madame Weigels Tea Cosies books, albeit a little worse for wear, and a perfect little gem from the CWA on Wartime Knitting
Just what I needed to cheer me up.
ooh ooh ooh
… the temp has dropped 10 degreesC in 10 minutes and the heavens have just opened so please, keep your fingers crossed for some good rain. I need to catch the cross breeze, so just hang on while I open a few doors and rescue the garden umbrella – one high-wind-assisted umbrellacide is enough.


6 thoughts on “>the Christmas Tour day 3 and a pressie

  1. Erica says:

    >Now Susan, all this Christmas frou-frou is really freaking me out. Between you, Sheila and Soozii I feel as if I am trapped in Santa’s cave. And it’s not even December.

  2. catsmum says:

    >Apologies for that Erica but the first bus load of Seniors is being brought through on Monday morning so I had to get the skates on.Maybe having a name that starts with ‘S’ has something to do with having OCCD [ Obsessive Compulsive Christmas Disorder ]

  3. >WHEEEEEE! So glad you will enjoy them! (and please, do feel free to toss/pass on anything NOT useful!)

  4. Donna Lee says:

    >The house is looking really good even if it looks strange to my northern hemisphere eyes to see blooming roses next to evergreen wreaths! One of my children’s friends used to tell me that it looked like the north pole exploded in my house at Christmas time. I wonder what she meant by that? My feeling is you can never have too many lights and i have lights for every season.

  5. TinkingBell says:

    >Happy Cat – what have you got planned on Dec1? Lovely package – fabulous chrissy decs !!!

  6. >Yay! More Christmas stuff and early prezzies!!!!! I do love this season…

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