>even the smallest room goes christmassy


green and red or burgundy towels, hand soap in a tree shaped dispenser, a few candles, and a dozen or so small christmas teddy ornaments and crochet snowflakes … yes we’re in the bathroom …

even the ‘smallest’ room has a garland and wreath [ but no cheap garish hohoho loo paper – I’ll keep my nice soft 3-ply ]


5 thoughts on “>even the smallest room goes christmassy

  1. Rose Red says:

    >Gee I’m glad you skipped the xmas toilet paper – I’d hate for you to go overboard!!!!Do love the crochet snowflakes. Each year I intend to make these and each year I fail. One day, one day!

  2. catsmum says:

    >having made the crack about “cheap and garish” I was in the supermarket about an hour ago and saw what I guess is ‘upmarket’ xmas loo paper FOR $7.95 A ROLL … no thanks.Who do they think is going to buy that stuff?

  3. >That is lovely…and would only be cheapened by the novelty papers.

  4. catsmum says:

    >my thought exactly, SA !The other thing you will never find in my house is a singing Elvis santa or an animatronic christmas tree. I DO own a singing snowman but it was a present plus David thinks it’s hysterical.

  5. Alwen says:

    >I’ve just been reading a history of the “necessary room”. I’m sure they never dreamed of one so Christmas-y!

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