>girls, goats, good times and a gratuitous cute cat

Yesterday was the Christmas break-up luncheon for our monthly SnB-type group “Purl’s Princesses”, so instead of having our usual knitting session at Purl’s in Daylesford, Jeanette and I [clad in my best tiara as befits a princess in celebration mode] headed on down the road a little more to Robyne and Paul’s unique, quirky, wonderful house at Eganstown.
First order of business was a visit to the goats…
That’s ‘ccino with Rob, Ms. Latte is behind him and you can just see a bit of Presto’s nose. Somehow I missed getting a photo of my favourite, little Milo :[

Unlike moi, Robyne is a real foodie and all stops had been pulled out. Naturally we’d all brought something as well: dips, turkish bread,organic juice, etc but CERTAIN PERSONS were rendered ALMOST speechless by the salmon roulade, prawns, salade nicoise, fruit flan, and other goodies. They would’ve gotten a greek salad and a bought quiche at my place!
Actually, now that I think about it further, it may have been the freely flowing champers that rendered them incapable of speech :]

We all exchanged KrisKringle gifts and I was happy that our hostess was the one to score my contribution:

and because you can’t have a GTG without the obligatory Chantelle [ Central Victorian speak for Show ‘n’ Tell ] here’s the crossstitched quilt that Robyne’s making for her son’s Japanese mother-in-law.

and finally:

we’ll return to the chrissy pics tomorrow … nearly finished … only a couple more rooms to go and then I’ll take pity on you and stop … maybe … if you’re lucky

As it’s only early in the season, the count of tree ornaments that the cats have ‘redecorated’ onto the floor stands at three [ plus the one I knocked off trying to put them back, that’s rolled in behind the main tree where I can’t reach it ]


6 thoughts on “>girls, goats, good times and a gratuitous cute cat

  1. >I don’t know about the cat being gratuitous! She looks a bit p…. off with something! My husband suggests that she needs a holiday and he is offering to look after her and entertain. Apart from that, I have so say that your knitting group looks like a lot of fun and the food sounds yummy.

  2. picperfic says:

    >I truly love your enthusiasm for Christmas, I can tell you are totally enjoying the whole thing. I would dearly love to belong to a knitting group but my nearest one is quite a distance away and I don’t enjoy driving in the dark. I may have to set up my own group. What a yummy spread! Merry Christmas!

  3. catsmum says:

    >the other two photos of Sophie, she looks perfectly happy but I deliberately chose the “I hate you people” one!I am an evil, evil woman who decorates cats who are, of course, undeserving of such public humiliation :]

  4. Alwen says:

    >I had just read your post that said “If it sits still tie a bow around it” — guess Sophie sat still a bit too long!

  5. catsmum says:

    >I DID hint rather strongly that SOMETHING would happen to unsuspecting felines on the first of December if you recall – I always decorate my cats.

  6. Robbyn says:

    >Gosh, I wouldn’t kick about Greek salad and boughten quiche. It’s all good :)Since I haven’t been up to much in the way of decorating this year, may I tell you how very much I have been enjoying your holiday accouterments?Robbyn

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