>catch up

>In all the rampant Christmassing of the last month, I’ve been a little remiss in posting about the knitting/crochet/quilting/etc side of life. So, apart from the umpty gazillion snowflakes which you know about, and the snome, what have I been up to?
Just this afternoon I’ve finished the second garter lace scarf in Louisa Harding Kimono Pure Angora. It is blocked and drying as I type I enjoyed making Auntie Fay’s one – and having just spent a fruitless 10 minutes looking for a post with photo of same to link to, have just realised that I didn’t ever show it to you finished – so here it is being modeled by ‘Elsie’ over my mum’s 1950 wedding dress:
I DID enjoy making it so some more LH was acquired to make one for me [ shock! horror! ]
a little summer top for Master Riley in Patons Breeze slubby cotton that I’ve had since about 1969. That means that both of the oldest yarns in my stash have been used this year. I’ve still got several balls of the Breeze left and currently no firm ideas for what to do with it but I’m sure that something will present itself.

Crochet: more snowflakes

Quilting: auditioning fabrics for a commission piece with a deadline of May 24. [ no photo yet ]

and I’m not sure what category you’d file this under … fibreart maybe?:
this is the silk ‘paper’ piece I created for my DDIL for Christmas. As taught to me back in March by the lovely Felicity, the ‘paper’ is made from pure silk tops fused together using textile medium. The embossed areas were formed over some slubby yarn I bought in April, at the Fibre-and-Clay exhibition at Jackie ???’s studio [ Marcie help me out with her surname please ] and then painted with Shiva Oil Paint stick in antique copper.
Can’t remember what else I’ve been up to so this is your bloomin’ lot.

Oh … nearly forgot … D’you remember the Decorate Your Blog For Christmas Contest over at Soozii’s Hobbies !!!! IwonIwonIwon!!!!! so thankyou to anyone who voted for me :]


6 thoughts on “>catch up

  1. Bells says:

    >i like those scarves VERY much! So delicate and lovely. And congrats! You deserved it!

  2. Marcie says:

    >that’s Jackie McMaster – she has just acquired a job lot of interesting wool, I visited her last week

  3. >wow! You’ve been busy…how do you manage it during the holidays????? Congratulations on winning for the blog bling. If anyone deserves it, it is you!!!

  4. Alwen says:

    >Oh, I love the kimono paper art!Congrats on the win, I voted for youuuu! 🙂

  5. Rachael says:

    >The fibre art rocks!!! oohh, and those scarves, yum!

  6. Taphophile says:

    >So much fibrey goodness! Congrats on the win. 🙂

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