>She didn’t mean it!

>So there I was.
sitting on the couch, enjoying a snuggle with MissC, who has been very affectionate lately.
Then Sophie wandered through
completely innocent of any evil intent
There was no hissing or spitting of any kind that I could hear.
Any negative aspersions being cast on MissC’s anticedents were well beyond the range of my pitiful human hearing… but she must’ve felt threatened in some way
– and she has this ‘interesting’ habit of blaming whoever is closest –
so the next thing I knew, I had three holes in my right ring finger.
Small holes.
Not a lot of blood.
Nada really.
Antiseptic was speedily applied.
I thought I’d gotten away with it… but nooooooooooooooooo
we all know about cat bites, don’t we??
So there may not be a lot of knitting tonight.

I have an ouchie [ or as they are known in our house thanks to Italian MIL – booba ]
I need ice cream
or possibly Baileys
or both

shame I don’t have either of them in the house


9 thoughts on “>She didn’t mean it!

  1. Jack says:

    >Ice cream drizzled with Baileys is always good.

  2. >Ice cream ‘n Baileys is the prescription here, I think! I don’t drink so I can’t really speak to the healing power of anything but the ice cream. But it really does seem like a good idea!

  3. Mia says:

    >i have both and I share. Oww.. I bet it does hurt.

  4. catsmum says:

    >SA, I’m effectively another non-drinker but just once in a while – maybe once a year – I feel like a Bailey’s [ with milk and ice ]of course then I don’t have it in the housebut last night I would’ve drunk a glass if I could’ve.At about 10pm I remembered there was a half a small tub of gelati in the spare fridge up in the shed, leftover from the Christmas breakup BBQ for David’s friends.So I grabbed a torch and filled my prescription!!

  5. Rose Red says:

    >glad you had some icecream at least! I think a small bottle of Baileys should be purchased post-haste, for medicinal purposes of course!!

  6. TinkingBell says:

    >Oh dear – my sympathy! Apply Ba ileys (or other liqueur internally an call me in the morning!)

  7. >Ouch, cat ouchies always seem to hurt heaps.Ice cream and Baileys … oooh, perfect medicine … hope it helped.HOpe the pain has eased, and no infection has set in.Take care, Meow

  8. Alice says:

    >Was the Baileys and ice-cream for ingesting or applying to the finger?…lolEither way, I hope your finger is feeling better – certainly hope so by now as that’s nearly a week ago.Perhaps Miss C. needs a muzzle when visitors come to call.(Did you like my report?)

  9. deniasha says:

    >Bailey’s and ice cream makes a kick butt milk shake! And yes, it makes everything feel better.

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