>not the Friday Fotos

>David has ever so kindly put the camera ‘away’ somewhere, which means that until I can work out where the hell that is, I’ll have to rely on the written word and/or photos already on the computer that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet.

Not that you’ll know that unless I tell you
… oh right
… I just did, didn’t I?

this week
– no snake sightings here or next door but a couple of wee froggy visitors. So much nicer than snakes.

– there was actual precipitation- not much but any is good at this point

– the cat bites are nearly healed and the swelling has all gone down. In case this happens again, I’ve acquired a bottle of Bailey’s …strictly for medicinal use of course

– knitting and such?
Well, I WAS going to show you the finished photos of the Fly By Nightie, but they’re in the missing camera :[
but finish it I did – and it fit perfectly- but I still wasn’t too keen on the off white
I took a very deep breathe or two,
and dyed it dark purple

While I was at it, I also dyed a couple of skirts, a previously white t-shirt which had a run in with something coloured in the wash, and a crochet top. All survived the process just fine, and I was a happy Catsmum, full of the glow of accomplishment
[ cue ominous music]
I went into town on Wednesday to do some supermarket shopping, all kitted out in one of the skirts and the T-shirt and feeling quite spiffy
I was ambushed by a bottle of bleach with cap not quite as tight as it could be…
I now have a skirt and matching T with white spots and splotches.
‘though I suppose I can be thankful that it was just a cheap T and skirt and not my just finished knitting, but still – not happy.
as the aforementioned technical difficulties prevent me from showing you the grisly photos of the bleach carnage: you get a photo of a little 4ply/fingering cotton top [ singlet, vest ] that I knitted back at the start of January but only got around to sewing up this week. Dolly is newborn size so I’d put this at about 6 – 9 months
BWM cotton 4 ply on 3.25mm needles, vintage Patons pattern


10 thoughts on “>not the Friday Fotos

  1. >Good to see you! I was wondering if there were any technical difficulties happening and I was going to call you later. Glad to see frogs and not snakes.Sorry to hear about the bleach spots.Are you interested in doing stitcheries on commission?Let me know.

  2. Marcie says:

    >Glad to see you back! Have you considered a ‘3 bites and you’re out’ policy for Ms C?

  3. Carol says:

    >Oh why oh why do the photos not show up for me, waaaaah.

  4. Mia says:

    >Baileys can cure anything 🙂 And make ya feel good too!

  5. Alwen says:

    >My husband puts things “away” on me, too, usually my tools. I’m still looking for my Japanese pruning saw!

  6. TinkingBell says:

    >Blogger not showing me photos at all – GRRRRR! glad you’re healing and knitting beens happening – lovely rain down here too!

  7. Melinda says:

    >Gorgeous cotton top pattern! Sad to hear about the bleach incident…although it sounds quite comical as well! Glad it wasn’t the knitting.

  8. >Attacked by bleach! That sounds like something that might happen to me. Thank heavens it wasn’t something handknit. I’d probably be weeping on your behalf for the rest of the day!Good luck finding that camera!

  9. MadMad says:

    >Oh, that is soooo darned cute; you do have the best stuff over here. The little froggy, and the little baby outfit. So cute. Thank God you found your camera again because you have too many good pictures to miss out on. Sorry about the bleach accident – awful!

  10. omly says:

    >Froggy! We have a great love of reptiles in this house. We almost had a pet frog, but instead ended up with a very mellow lizard.

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