>Happy Squishy Mail and then some!

>I do believe I promised you spinning today
but then THIS was waiting for me at the Post Office this morning and I just KNEW you’d all want to see the goodies.In amongst the usual letters and bills was
a McCall’s quilt mag from my ’06 Christmas pressie from Linda.
Poor Linda spent a lot of time calling and emailing them about my sub which finally started showing up in June or July. I kept telling her it was ok but I know that she wasn’t happy with their customer service. So long as I get the full year’s worth of mags, it’s cool.
Knit Picks circ from Donni
Gorgeous black fabric from Honeysuckle Patchwork for the Japanese crane quilt. One of my students had some with her last week and even though I thought that I had all the fabrics I needed for that quilt,it turned out that I was sooooooooo wrong – this just added a certain something.
I probably needed about 20 – 25 cm, so I rang up and ordered a metre [ as you would, right? ]
… and that’s a kokeshi doll bought on ebay
then there was some yarn I needed to finish a hat that I’d swapped some Bendy cotton for
and a late Christmas/ birthday parcel from the other Linda [ Ohio Linda, sadly blogless ]
it contained two yards of this
and a pack of 19 x 1/4 yd cuts of ‘feline fabric’ – not sure why the pinks were considered cat fabric but who cares? that is almost 5 yards – or 4.3 metres !!! Linda almost always sends me fabrics that she doesn’t think I’m likely to impulse buy for myself but that I will probably need to have in the stash for ‘one day’
PLUS a McKenna Ryan pattern
It was almost too much to cope with, but the fabrics have all been patted, cat tested and washed – and I just realised that they’re still out on the line at 9pm so I’d better go get ’em in – we actually have rain forecast.


11 thoughts on “>Happy Squishy Mail and then some!

  1. Rose Red says:

    >Love the lovely squishy mail. Must be something in the water, as I got a squishy myself today!!

  2. Alwen says:

    >If you leave them out on the line, maybe that will make the forecast rain actually show up.What a lovely lot of goodies! Lucky you.

  3. Sara says:

    >My, My what a lovely bunch of items you received…oh, the fabrics are sooooo pretty! I love fabrics…yes I do…and yarn…have great fun with all of it!!

  4. >Holy cow! That is some mighty fine squishy mail!!! I think it more than made up for any missing spinning. Although I would surely like to see some spinning when you have a minute…

  5. Bells says:

    >Lots of squishiness in the blogosphere today!! Such riches!

  6. mehitabel says:

    >Love your cat fabric! There may actually be a little of that in my stash, and it’s highly likely that the proposed upheavals around here will help me to find it. I think there are some kitty quilts in my future–even if they turn out to be for charity!

  7. TinkingBell says:

    >What lovely gorgeous wonderful fabulous squishy mail!How happy squishy mail makes us! Enjoy it fully!

  8. Tanya Brown says:

    >Pink fabric = kitty noses and tongues?Marvelous squishies!

  9. catsmum says:

    >yes Tanya I came to that same conclusion this morning. I think probably the pack that Linda bought for me was put together to go with a specific quilt class or pattern – anyway it’ll all go in the stash quite happily.

  10. >It was supposed to be a Christmas pressent for 2006… Must feel like the belated gift that keeps on giving. Glad you’re getting them now. Better late then never

  11. catsmum says:

    >yes Linda – but I’m certain that YOU were were far more upset by their tardiness than I was, and it’s not nice to have to be so concerned about a gift that you’ve given with such generosity… and btw this year’s Quilting Arts sub has kicked in already!!

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