>So Is This REALLY Me??


Take this test!

Like a meticulous collector, you’ve fed your brain a unique set of facts and figures over the years. Words, numbers, you’ve got it all. That’s what makes you a Facts Curator.

Whether or not you intend to absorb every piece of information that comes your way, your mind has certain steel-trap qualities to it. You are a knowledge sponge. You have almost enough words in your head to fill a dictionary, and you’re equally adept when it comes to manipulating numbers. You can also detect important patterns in number sequences, and probably remember the mnemonic devices you were taught in grade school.

You may feel comfortable in classroom settings where absorbing details is critical. You’re also able to learn from example and piece together all the little facts in life to get to the big picture. That’s why you never stop accumulating information as you walk through life.

Your strengths lie in both the verbal and math realms β€” placing you in the same arena as someone like Bill Gates. Gates has the ability to not only store and retrieve an especially large amount of specialized data, but to translate and present that information to the population at large. His entire empire is based on this unique talent. And to think β€” your brain works in this same way! When it comes right down to it, you and other Facts Curators can ride a wave of information to live a truly enriched life.

I tested at 135 IQ which is a few points lower than I normally do but I’m making allowances for the heat and the fact that I rushed the test… and here’s the thing about standard IQ tests… There’s nothing in there to measure the creative side of my makeup. There’s nothing in the description above that’s untrue per se, but I don’t think I’m that person. Not even remotely.


6 thoughts on “>So Is This REALLY Me??

  1. Jejune says:

    >Cool – I’m a Visionary Philosopher, apparently (likened to Plato!) 0_o !

  2. Lynne says:

    >Great site – pity I couldn’t get it to post to my blog! Apparently I’m an Insightful Linguist [describes me quite well actually!]BTW Definitely coming in July – will bring p/c’s with me. OK?

  3. catsmum says:

    >Lynnethat will be great!

  4. Lindi says:

    >I scored 135, too, but I’m a Visionary Philosopher.I’d love to see the full report, but not at that price!

  5. Nola G says:

    >I scored exactly the same as you – 135 and a Facts Curator. Not really a surprise πŸ™‚

  6. catsmum says:

    >Would’ve been more of a surprise if we’d scored differently :]

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