>Yesterday, instead of Easter eggs and the usual huge Italian family Easter feast, I sat in a hospice and held the hand of my dying brother-in-law, knowing that, because I live 2 hours away, I probably won’t get to see him again… that when I said goodbye, it WAS goodbye.

I’m not saying any more about that

This morning I sat on the verandah just after sunrise, with breakfast, book and cat, and drank in the [relative] silence along with my chai … the only sounds were the early birds talking to each other of wormy things and the snuffles of contented [fed] goats.

Easter is about death but also about life, rebirth, renewal and for now my balance is restored.


17 thoughts on “>Renewal

  1. >Oh, Susan…I am so very, very sorry. I am glad that you were able to find a peaceful place in all this. ::hugs::

  2. Bells says:

    >Oh. I’m sorry. This post was deeply touching and I know none of the people involved. Balance is so important and you found a way to restore some under the most difficult of circumstances. That’s powerful stuff. Hold onto that.

  3. mehitabel says:

    >Easter, for our family, has been a time of many deaths and traumas. Last year it was my father-in-law. I hope that your brother-in-law will have a peaceful passing and that your family will be able to honor his memory. [[hugs]]

  4. Carol says:

    >{{{{hugs}}}} I have nothing I can say to give you solace as it’s all too fresh for me still. But know that there are people that understand.

  5. Tanya Brown says:

    >I’m wishing for the best for you and your family. Hugs from across the pond –

  6. >Thinking of you and the family….big HUGS….

  7. Jane says:

    >Hugs with love, which along with peace are two wonderful gifts we have……..so glad you chose and we able to spend the day in this way. These days are hard, but never regretted.

  8. Jane says:

    >would help if I read aloud what I wrote…we able is meant to bewere able. Hope all can read meaning beyond the letters…

  9. Jack says:

    >What a poignant Easter for you. Peace

  10. Rose Red says:

    >Susan, I’m so sorry for you and your family. I’m very glad you have been able to find some balance in amongst the sadness.I’m catching up on your posts, so excuse me for all the comments in one spot – love Nadie’s hair, your handspun scarf is another beauty of balance, and happy birthday to your son – how wonderful it is to have family.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >Im sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies -regards wooliewombat

  12. catsmum says:

    >He’s still hanging on by a thread but it’s only a matter of time, WW – it is going to be difficult because, unlike my late hubby, he hasn’t been an entirely admirable person so there’s a lot to process.

  13. >Watching someone die is a life altering experience.. Hugs..

  14. Jane says:

    >Can you please send me an email.I have tried a few that I have for you and am getting returns. I tried to point you to a nice wooly place.Try these for nowhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/47702473@N00/

  15. Lynne says:

    >consider yourself hugged!Balance is very important.

  16. Sarah says:

    >I’m so sorry, but thankful you got to be there to hold his hand.

  17. Doreen says:

    >I’m so very sorry.Blessings to youDoreen

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