>Did we skip a season?

>I just saw the overnight forecast
Great googlie mooglies – it’s going to get down to 4 degreesC [ ETA: yup it got down to 3.5C and was 4 when I had breakfast ]

and yes,yes,yes, before any of you that are currently living the snow bound life on the other side of the planet chip in, yes, I know that probably doesn’t strike you as particularly cold
but just bear in mind that less than 2 weeks ago we were still getting temps around 38C / 100F every day.
So it’s all about being acclimated.
Which we are not

and of course there is the problem of whether the recently hypothermic Ms Rosie will cope with a cold snap [ she has a very sparse, short coat and currently no body fat reserves ]
When she was ill and not moving much, I could keep her goat coat on her but now – well can you say ‘lost cause’?

on the plus side there has been about an inch of rain over the last three days.

and now with no hope of a halfway decent segue, we have an official FO and an almost FO
Rainbow Hat was started yesterday to use up some leftover Moda Vera Susan [!!!] that was going to be a beret for friend Robyn a couple of winters ago until I saw something else that I thought would work better … and for the life of me I can’t remember what I did with the rest of it but I must’ve done something because it wasn’t a full ball…

anyway because it has mohair in the mix which none of us will wear – which is odd when you remember that I snuggle up to goats on a regular basis – the yarn has just sat in the stash, so now it’s a happy little hat and will go to the first person who needs it. It may get donated but really, I just love the idea of carrying hat or booties or whathaveyou in the bottom of my bag and gifting them to the first babe I see with bare feet or head.

4.5mm circs and dpns
no pattern
size – probably about 6months

and I just realised that you hadn’t seen a progress shot of the Surplice Baby Jacket since just after I started itand it’s been at this stage for a couple of weeks now.
Baby-that-it’s-for is overdue and once he/she arrives, I’ll pick up the live stitches at the sleeves and knit contrast cuffs in either hot pink or bright aqua, and then finish with matching buttons.

I’ve also finished a pair of hot pink booties but forgot to take a pic so you’ll get them tomorrow maybe. They are the same Saartje’s Booties that I’ve made about a dozen pair of, so you probably don’t need photos… and I’ve just found out that it’s pronounced ‘Sarkyie’ which is nothing LIKE how I was saying it in my head.


9 thoughts on “>Did we skip a season?

  1. Alwen says:

    >We feel the same way in reverse when the temperatures suddenly go zooming up from -2 C to 25 C.It’s all relative, and what you are used to.Pretty colors on the hat!

  2. Mia says:

    >Awww.. those turned out so cute!!

  3. April says:

    >Well clearly the only solution to the cold snap is to bring Rosie indoors for a few days. I can’t believe you didn’t already think of that yourself.The Surplice Baby Jacket is adorable. I just started my first BSJ. I have a feeling it won’t be my last.

  4. Lynne says:

    >Yes, it’s cooling off here in Western Sydney too, but not quite as cool as that!Pretty hat – lovely colours. Cute baby jacket.

  5. Donna Lee says:

    >I undestand the non-acclimation. That seems to happen sometimes and then usually things moderate. Hopefully your temps will fall back into a normal pattern. I love the change of seasons, or I should say, gradual change of seasons. And the baby jacket is so cute. What a good idea to carry a small bit around and randomly gift it. That is a true random act of kindness.

  6. >Good lord…that’s quite a temperature swing. I’d say you have every right to act startled!I’ll bet the next little baby who passes by you these days will be pretty darned thrilled for a new hat!

  7. Robbyn says:

    >The hat is adorable but the sweater is marvelous! really, really pretty and such a nice, sunny yellow :)We had yet more snow last night. Boo…

  8. >Ahem.. Living in THE coldest city in Canada and probably one of the top ten coldest cities of the world even beating cities in Russia, +4 is “almost” tshirt weather for us”.. 10c is Tshirt weather… I agree with Alwen. I don’t like anything over 25C…

  9. Carol says:

    >I’m with you on the temps. We’ve actually been having the fire on, it’s raining outside (which I’m not complaining about mind you) and I’m sneezing. HUH? Love the hat, that is seriously cute!

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