>Apollo Bay part deux

Okey dokey, seeing it’s taken me nearly a week to get this far, I’ll gloss over the rest of the trip down to Apollo Bay which involved a few hours worth of flat, muddy, spud farming nothingness, followed by long stretches of tortuous hairpin mountain-rainforesty bends and vertiginous drops.

An uneventful trip this time, except for having a very large filling fall out for no apparent reason. Net result: a rather distressing propensity for spitting at people all weekend and a dullish ache… and as I’ve written before of the damage inflicted on my person by the dentists I’ve had the utter misfortune to see up here, I’m booked in for the 2 hour trip down to Melbourne on Monday, to see Saint Anthony, the only dentist in Victoria , if not the whole damn country, capable of coping with my dodgy bite.
If he ever retires I am so sunk.

What? Oh sorry
the class

The class which was the pretext for us all getting together for some play time, was my double-sided-quilt-as-you-go Drunkard’s Path [ and no, that’s not a reflection on either myself or the company, thank you very much! ]
DP is a traditional american quilt block, or rather one of a set, comprised of variations on a square with a quarter circle in one corner. That info is just in case you’re one of my knitting/spinning friends, rather than a quilting friend.
I don’t think I actually have too many ‘blog’ friends who aren’t one or the other.
Funny about that.

My take on the DP idea involves machine quilting the squares first, then cutting the curves from the already quilted bits, switching them around, covering the raw edges with a colourful strip of bias and then joining ’em back together again. You end up with totally different colour schemes on each side of the quilt.
I may have already mentioned that last week but I’m too lazy to go back and check.

Anyway this was actually a cunning plan My Lord concocted last year by my hostess Judy, devious little beggar that she is, to ‘persuade’ some of the ladies to practice/learn meander machine quilting… and said scheme worked pretty damn well. With the exception of two delightful ladies whose elderly machines lacked the right feet and couldn’t be made to behave, and who realised that it was out of my control, they were all stipple quilting like pros by the end of the weekend.

and this is Barb, one of the 3 ring-ins from Barangarook [ pronounced roughly B’rung-gah-rook ] near Colac, who knows my best-friend-from-College-and-bridesmaid Lucy… and was bound and determined that we were going to see each other . Phone consultations followed with Lucy’s hubby, and when that didn’t get a result, Barb rang Lucy on Saturday night … and even though we couldn’t persuade her to drive over those hairpin bends to come play with us [ why ever not? ] she and I did manage a catch up over coffee and family photos in Colac which was more or less on my way home. .. and just as well, because I’d managed to leave some of my gear behind and Barb caught us just as we were leaving the Cafe. I suspect that she had probably left the venue at Apollo Bay early in order to catch up with me.
Another reason why I’m forever in her debt.
The kind of debt that can only be assuaged by fabric … or chocolate.
Possibly both.

still some weekend related odds and sods to catch you up on, so more tomorrow… possibly something in the style of Sheepie’s world renowned WNBPP. I’m allowed to.
Sheepie said so.


5 thoughts on “>Apollo Bay part deux

  1. Robbyn says:

    >The lines: “I have a cunning plan, my lord, which cannot fail!” have passed into our family vocabulary. They generally get trotted out for the most ridiculous situations which renders everything hilarious!

  2. Rose Red says:

    >Snap! I had a filling fall out this week too – and I am totally dentist-phobic too. Gick.

  3. Carol says:

    >Looks like you’ve had mega fun there with all the sewing. I have a morbid fear of dentists too!

  4. catsmum says:

    >well, you see, carol [ and rose red] that’s the thing. I wouldn’t say I ENJOYED visiting the dentist – I mean seriously – who does? but I’ve never had a problem with it until the idiot up here destroyed 30 years of good dentistry and many many tens of thousands of dollars of work in one visit!That was three years ago and I’ve been phobic ever since

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