>oh no[s]e

>Peace Concert tomorrow night and I hab wokened up wid a code id da dose

lots of fluids
Ease a Cold tablets [ that’s echinacea and zinc ]
what else?


5 thoughts on “>oh no[s]e

  1. Leah says:

    >When in doubt, add chilli.PAcked with vitamin c, and does something for your sinuses!

  2. >Hmmm…a nice, hot toddy? I’m not sure. I’m not a doctor or anything. But a nice, hot toddy certainly sounds like something one should do when one has a cold…

  3. catsmum says:

    >now the throat feels a bit suspicious – given that there are only 4 of us singing soprano and we’re really all stretching at the top of our ranges [ ie not really very good ] a sore throat is not all that welcome. Because of the small number, I probably can’t even fake itahh well what will be, will be

  4. amanda j says:

    >How about some positive vibes? I’m sending them your way!!

  5. Jane says:

    >Gargle with cooking salt. We used to gargle God save the Queen prior to a performance…gargle up and down the scale…But should protect the throat a bit.Horseradish garlic and VitC..I take 2 night and 2 morning and if sick add two at lunch.Often you can sing better than you can speak.Sorry I cannot come.

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