>Happy Mothers’ Day

>This morning when I went across to feed all PND and Brenda’s animals, I didn’t receive my customary greeting from a hyperactive Jack Russell and I could see that all of her food was untouched. When I looked inside her kennel, it was fairly obvious that the puppies were going to arrive soon.
Battle stations.
Like any good surrogate auntie I beat a path between my place and the dog about once an hour.
At 11.30 I found her with one pup – male – and got duly growled at for trying to check his undercarriage.
Nothing for a while then, and I was beginning to think maybe one was all there was.
Then Nadie arrived around 2pm and we went over again to find 3 puppies … another black and white boy , considerably bigger than the others
and goodness knows how such a tiny dog pushed him out by herself
… here’s the boys with tassie at the back: and a slightly smaller and very new, wet and bloody, mostly black little miss.
From the state of mum and daughter, I think we probably missed out on seeing the birth by a matter of minutes.
Nadie ended up covered with unspeakable substances and her clothes are drying even as I type, but it was just lovely to see.
The new ‘grandparents’ have been phoned in Tassie at each stage of the delivery and have accordingly decided to name boy #1 Tassie.
Goodness only knows what fathered these puppies because they certainly don’t take after their tiny wee mum.


12 thoughts on “>Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. Carol says:

    >Absolutely gorgeous oh my! And all under the watchful eye of their mama.

  2. >I can’t breathe. Too much puppy cuteness! I need to sit down! How sweet!!!!!Now I want a puppy. The BFK is not going to go for this at all…

  3. Tanya Brown says:

    >Oh, they’re beautiful! Well. Isn’t the mother supposed to get a story in the newspaper and a prize for having babies on Mother’s Day? She should at least get a year’s worth of free dog food or a massage or something.Apropos of nothing, yesterday my son informed us that he wants a dog. “Big dog. Black. White tail.” I was stunned at how specific he was, but also glad that he’s starting to be able to verbalize his thoughts.May the little pups have good and long lives.

  4. Robbyn says:

    >How wonderful! There’s nothing like babies for perking up the world and I bet their mama is thinking “Better out than in!”.And, considering Mother’s Day (and a happy one to you!), a timely event 🙂

  5. Sara says:

    >What a great Mother’s Day! That’s what it’s all about!!!! They are just adorable…

  6. TinkingBell says:

    >Oh what a wonderful Mum’s day – hope she got a special treat! Love little puppies – so gorgeous!

  7. Rose Red says:

    >n’oor – cute puppies! Look at protective mum in the background of your photos!Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  8. Alice says:

    >Oh so gorgeous, but you’re a lousy midwife – never there at the right time….lol.Any news on the other names? Could we suggest any ….. perhaps Mimi and Rodolfo?…..of course, they may not be opera lovers…lol.

  9. Caity says:


  10. catsmum says:

    >but of course she got a special treat, Tink ! I milked one of the goats and she has had several bowls full of warm frothy milk – that should do her some good, don’t you think? particularly as she’s still not interested in food.

  11. Alwen says:

    >That’s a lovely Mothers’ Day. There’s nothing like a puppy to snuggle.

  12. >very very cute…..now how are you going to find that father and ask for puppy support! :)x

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