>Today I…

>drove across to Daylesford, passing through some beautiful rural aussie countryside on the way there.
That’s Mount Franklin at the left of photo 1 – an extinct volcano with a picnic ground in the center of the caldera. The hand built stone fences probably date back to the 1800s
Silk paper which is what I was there to teach
had a great time
dropped into Spa Quilters for a cuppa and a chat rather than trot straight home

[and there were choc coated shortbreads!! ]

goats, cats, ducks, mini horses, dog and new puppies – present and accounted for and doing fine. No other names for the puppies yet but PND and Brenda are due back on Saturday. Privately I’ve been calling big, boofy boy #2, “Bear”


5 thoughts on “>Today I…

  1. >This looks very interesting. How? and Why? Love the texture.

  2. Barb says:

    >Silk paper! Fantastic. Used as paper after the fact, or textile? Or just held and admired as a thing o beauty and a joy forever?

  3. Alwen says:

    >Wow. Pretty paper. And scenery. 🙂

  4. catsmum says:

    >silk paper can be used for all sorts of things – bags, cards, “vessels” but I mainly chop it up and use it to create framed silk kimono images.

  5. Carol says:

    >Absolutely beautiful countryside pictures. You just can’t beat it can you. And the silk paper looks gorgeous.

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