>lead me not into temptation, I can find it all by myself

>I’m all for some of the Ten Commandments.
You really can’t argue with that whole “thou shalt not kill” deal.
Granted I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the graven images issue, and the sabbath is for sleeping in, if at all possible, but certainly I don’t usually have all that much trouble sticking with the tenth commandment. I’m not big with the coveting.
My neighbour’s wife is quite safe and so is his ass.
For which he is eternally grateful.

you can have your fancy-schmancy house or car, and I promise I won’t covet it, not even a little bit.

… but then Sheepie had to go and blog about this

and every covetous atom of my being began screaming it’s little atomic sized head off
want one right now

Sheepie – just so you know, you are a bad influence!

It arrived this week from a very nice little man in Texas
all mine

I’ve got the robe
the slippers
I’ve got the flannel jammies
three cats
so now all I need is the headband and the scary eyeliner


9 thoughts on “>lead me not into temptation, I can find it all by myself

  1. Alice says:

    >Been taking photo of yourself again, I see……lol.

  2. Alice says:

    >I forgot to add that your whole posting had me in stitches too …I wonder does that mean I am now ‘Alice in stitches’?

  3. Robbyn says:

    >Oh that’s too funny – actually your whole take on the 10 commandments made me giggle.”I am Crazy Cat Lady! Hear me…purr?”Heheh….

  4. Jane says:

    >Good grief woman…….I thought Christmas was bad enough…and has anyone noticed I have my counting the days thingy up!!Now I know who to leave all my cat bits too…….Finding places for those will stretch you a little.I am so glad you are happy……..vbg.

  5. Sara says:

    >That is too cute!!! too funy!!! And, so much like me! My friends say that I am going to “that crazy cat lady” when I’m older…Oh, I laughed…and laughed…Loved this post!!!!

  6. Taueret says:

    >haha. I think you can get that ACTION FIGURE (they’re not dolls, mum!) from remogeneralstore.com.au too, if you want to buy any more. I am sure I have seen it there. or maybe it was the librarian one.

  7. Rose Red says:

    >Ha! Love it!! But does have knitting as well?

  8. >I like to think I’m taking over the world one Crazy Cat Lady at a time…

  9. Alwen says:

    >I know people type “lol” all the time when they are not, either, laughing out loud, BUTI laughed out loud at the title of your post.I laughed at the whole first paragraph.And then I got to the action figure!Thanks for making my morning!

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