>foto fix

>Nothin’ much happening around the old homestead today.

I woke up feeling seedy and took half the day to get out of my jammies. The breakfast dishes haven’t been done, and I’m still ignoring the laundry successfully. If they ever make laundry avoidance an Olympic event, I’m sure to gold medal for Australia.

The one thing I DID have to do was to go across to feed PND and Brenda’s lot, so I took the camera with me for some updated puppy pics… this was easier said than done, cos Mama Misty is still very anxious and protective. Not that she’s growling or snapping at me, being a very sweet natured little thing, just wanting to lick any puppy I picked up. That and requiring lots of cuddles and pats… which I was happy to supply but I’ve only got the two hands.
Anyway this is #2 boy that I have been calling Bear
all together now … aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Oakley wants you to know that he is strongly of the opinion that elderly cats who need their treats should not be ignored in favour of young whippersnapper puppies and has therefore taken the catering situation into his own paws:


5 thoughts on “>foto fix

  1. jane says:

    >Go Oakley, you defend yourself, we often have to do that don’t we.Love Moggie

  2. Carol says:

    >You surely must have heard the awwwww from here. Too too cute. To look into such a sweet face like that, makes everything pale in comparison.

  3. Alwen says:

    >Awwww, what a cute little face and big baby paws!That’s right, Oakley, sometimes you have to take matters into your own paws.

  4. >Oakley, you are a genius! Now if you could explain to The Big, Fluffy Kitty the importance of eating the healthy Senior Diet, I’d appreciate it. She is only eating Greenies treats these days with a side of canned food. I’m certain that your stern expression would put her right back on the straight and narrow!

  5. Camera Girl says:

    >Awww!! The puppies are so adorable! My dog unfortunately has just had a phantom pregnancy:(

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