>400th post

>It’s always nice to know that one’s friends are capable of going above and beyond in the interests of providing one with memorable blog fodder.

There I was, pondering the somewhat miserly possibilities for this, my 400th post*** and what do you know? An email from my friend Felicity in full written hyperventilation mode because she’s won, not one, but two… count ’em… two … major prizes in the inaugural Buda Contemporary Textiles Award.

Of course, I was full of good intentions of entering something and totally missed the date for submission – which I will blame on the week long migraine I had at the time – but it matters not one jot or tittle, because at least half of the prizes will be going to people that I know

Yay. I don’t mind living vicariously through my friends !!

Felicity has won the first prize in the mixed media section as well as the overall grand prize.

So can I get a WOO and maybe a HOO ?

She raced up from Melbourne yesterday, to see the exhibit and of course a wee visit Chez Catsmum, which I totally forgot to immortalise with camera… so here’s one I prepared earlier:

… but, in any case, she will be back next week for the award presentation, so there may be a photo op there.

in the mean time you can all go visit her blog and tell her how awesome she is

*** and actually it was a public holiday weekend, there were many visitors, good times, and interesting things done, but they can wait till tomorrow


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