>it all becomes clear

>I think The Boy has the right of it.
Sophie’s secret communication was indeed a cry for help… for reinforcement by her internet comrades.
Her domain has been overun by greycoat invaders from the deep south [ Melbourne ]

Oakley has been absolutely no help at all … being the scaredy-cat pacifist that he is, he’s been far too busy sussing out the route for a run to safety via Underground Railroad

MissC was last seen building ramparts out of my wool storage boxes for a last ditch defense of the spare bedroom and has laid in extra supplies of cat nibbles in case it comes to a siege.

in related news, Sophie seems to have disappeared

and at the same time my bed has developed a strange herniation of the quilt


have they gone yet?

sorry Sophie … the grandkittens are here for two weeks


4 thoughts on “>it all becomes clear

  1. ozjane says:

    >Sophie darling I will share my bed with you if you really can’t cope…I am sure Mummy would not mind two cats fighting for position around her rear……..After all she does lead a fairly boring life.She was thinking of your Mummy tonight. She did some Christmas machine embroidery on a face cloth.Does your Mummy have Christmas face cloths???Hang in there…..You do have the status and age advantage……Meows from Mogs.

  2. catsmum says:

    >Dear Moggie’s mum – Mummy has chrissie facecloths in the sense that there is a set of hunter green and/or burgundy ones

  3. Carol says:

    >Oh Sophie! You are too too cute.

  4. >Oh dear! The Big, Fluffy Kitty is staging a protest of epic proportions over here. She sees the writing on the wall. She knows that it is only a matter of time before one of those little things comes to live here. She sees Sophie & Co. as being the first warriors in what is to be many future battles for land rights. She is using big words like Solidarity and Usurper. I didn’t even know that she owned a dictionary…

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