>and she scores

>these were destined for the Op Shop [ thrift store ]
and Nadie / The Boy already had copies, so they snagged ’em for mememememe


10 thoughts on “>and she scores

  1. Lisa L says:

    >I am totally jealous! I would be in heaven this summer if I had a tableful of Discworld books!

  2. ozjane says:

    >Oh how ignorant I continue to find I am……..sad. Moggie still loves me.But that author of whom you seem inordinately fond…….of said author …I have never heard.See I did admit to being ignorant.Bet it is one of the genre I avoid in the library…lol

  3. Alwen says:

    >And I’ll bet not a one of them is the “American edition”. (Drives me crazy that they even think there needs to BE one — leave my sausages inna bun alone, please! If I want a hot dog I’ll go to Chicago.)

  4. >I’m actually shaking a little bit. That’s how impressed I am! I always snag the Pratchetts when they show up in the used bookstore. I just reread The Color Of Magic the other day. I did so simply because I would pay a great deal of money for luggage that follows me wherever I go. Imagine how great it would be to never have to deal with bags lost to the airlines…

  5. Robbyn says:

    >Oh yipee!!! I have read all of them (and most of them more than once) and I am envious of your having your first delightful stroll through these books. Excellent summer (or any other time, for that matter) reading.What an awesome haul 🙂

  6. Robbyn says:

    >P.S. Interesting Times, Small Gods and Feet of Clay are exceptional – even for Pratchett 🙂

  7. Bells says:

    >what a score! That’s brilliant.

  8. catsmum says:

    >…what I have there are 22 out of the first 24 in the series – missing is #1 Colour of Magic and #20 Hogfather. One of the things that had kept me from collecting the discworld books was the sheer number of them but with such a head start ??! so Colour of Money is winging its way hither as I type and I’m sure I’ll be able to track down Hogfather by the time I need it.

  9. TinkingBell says:

    >Love the princess bride references (favourite movie of all time) and so jealous of the Terry ratchett score (don’t now why – I have them anyway)I love the witch and guard ones (Equal Rites, Guards, Guards – oh – hell – I just love them all!)

  10. The Boy says:

    >Yes Alwen, a couple of those are American versions. I kept the UK versions for myself. You’re right though, there’s no call for the “Color” of Magic.

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