>happy happy goats

>When I first got Robbyn she was meant to be a loaner for a couple of months because the lawn mower was still needed in Melbourne while the house was on the market – it didn’t ever get used but that’s a whole ‘nother story…
… then I was given the opportunity to buy / rescue Rosie, and so a goat shed became something of a necessity.
It was done fast and cheap with what was on hand or could be scrounged, and looked as though a strong puff of wind might bring the roof down but it did the trick.
Quite possibly Rosie and Robbyn might, on occasion, have wished for quarters that were a tad roomier … and didn’t leak … and maybe had a little more protection from every icy blast … but hey, they weren’t complaining
and then Rowan and Ruby arrived.
They were tiny
they didn’t take up a lot of room
but here’s the thing

cute wee kids grow into bloody great goats

so for a while it’s been a bit squeezy up there

but not any more

On Wednesday, Robyne and Paul [ he who gives my girls their periodic pedicures ] came over for the day and Casa Caprine has sprouted a whole new extension.

I didn’t think to get any shots of the man at work [ bad blogger … BAD ] but here’s Rob [left] and Jeanette [“do you have to do that?” yes, Jeanette, I do ] who popped in to knit with us for a while and stayed for some lunch. There was knitting, crocheting, quilt talk, cat cuddling, many cuppas, all in a nice warm house while Mr Independant banged and crashed around and generally had a wonderful time.

“hello … what’s this?”
“when did this happen?”
“Thankyou Uncle Paul!”


4 thoughts on “>happy happy goats

  1. Jejune says:

    >The goats look quite amazed at their new quarters! I think you ladies got the best end of the workday stick, though šŸ˜‰

  2. Robbyn says:

    >Oh gosh – what wonderful goat pictures! You do manage to capture their essence. They are so pretty and seem to be pleased with their new(ish) digs!

  3. Jane says:

    >Those goats are so lovely and white (in a photo)Am not sure that I am the up close and personal performer with goats.Going to see if you want to stretch your brain…..I am inviting you to participate in a meme @http://five-minutes-of-fame.blogspot.com/originally from:http://the160acrewoods.wordpress.com/

  4. >I did not know that goats could smile like that…But gosh it’s cute to see!!! Congrats, goats!!! That is a fine looking abode. Enjoy!

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