>probably too much information again

>remember this?
well, let’s just say that I had a strong sense of dejá vu on Friday night.
There was … ahem … movement at the station … there was cramping, weakness, there was bleeding, there was general unpleasantness and I was very definitely in shock at one stage.
No sleep was had and anyone suggesting that the hours before dawn were a tad nasty would not be accused of exaggeration.

As with last time, an early phone call to Robyn saw her come to my rescue via the pharmacy and the rest of Saturday was spent in my jammies, on the couch under a quilt, apart from the inevitable dashes to the bathroom.
Lisette was supposed to be coming up from Melbourne with kidlets but there are some things that it isn’t necessary to inflict on your friends, so we put the visit off until today.
Thanks to the wonders of modern pharmacology I was feeling fine, even though I possibly didn’t look it.
Lisette and the kids duly arrived, albeit later than planned, armed with bikkies, much needed margarine – which I just realised I forgot to pay her for – and a couple of wee baggies of English Leicester fleece: one au natural and one dyed a deep coral.
Of necessity it was a shortish visit and perhaps a little manic because of that, but I think we still all managed to enjoy ourselves:
Cuppas and bikkies were consumed, [ including the one I reached for and ate automatically without even thinking about the current state of my digestive tract. Bloody typical – I can resist anything except temptation ]
…and after making the acquaintance of my menagerie, we hiked over to PNDs so that the new puppies could be cuddled and the mini horses patted and admired… and yet more goats fondled.
Ms Em proved that there’s possibly more than a little bit of mountain goat in her own makeup, by bounding up and down rocks and crevices, looking for interesting minerals specimens – by which I mean that she took home a bunch of rocks – and she followed that up by proving her prowess at goat milking before they all headed off again into the gathering gloom [ and we will all pretend that it was just the way the light was falling that makes my hair look so grey at the back , right?]


3 thoughts on “>probably too much information again

  1. Alice says:

    >You constantly amaze me – feeling like ‘death warmed up’, with good reason, and then continuing on with life as though it’s only a mild inconvenience.Girl, you got guts – even if they are tied in knots and painful at times.Stay well, my friend, for goodness sake.PS: I bought a lovely cap with earflaps at that little shop selling Nepalese products near the arcade. It was much admired at hockey this afternoon. In fact, I may need you to get me a couple more – I’ll let you know.

  2. Tanya Brown says:

    >Yikes! Sounds like a dose of hell.Wishing you the best –

  3. lisette says:

    >you’re feeling better this morning – and if you’re not – go to the dr, do not pass go etc etcwe had a lovely time with you and the menagerie – we’ll be back soon especially as em is keen to have more milking lessonshugsxxxx

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