>relationship woes

>It happens eventually in all new relationships. Those first nagging signs that perhaps you have differing sets of values and goals:

you like chai, he drinks milk
you like pajamas, he sleeps naked
you’re vegetarian, he eats meat
you like cats, he … is reserving judgement

and sometimes it’s even more fundamental issues than mere likes and dislikes:

Yes, I’m afraid Bear and I are having a slight difference of opinion as to what constitutes an acceptable chew toy.

Among the more contentious items are:

any and all phone and computer cords
my good tape measure
the toes of my brown cowdy boots
my skirt/shirt/jumper/elbow/earlobe
anything involving ‘in-progress’ fibre or yarn or the accoutrements thereof
library books
David’s gloves and/or his toy wombat
Oakley’s tail [ and I’ll admit that I was too intent on averting carnage to grab the camera ]

semi acceptable items include:
the bottom half of my PJs
and my slippers

I’m sure we’ll work it out and reconcile our opposing points of view … eventually
on the plus side, however, the puppy training is coming along just fine:

I already know how to open the kitchen door when he needs to go to the toilet, and he has taught me that the ‘sit-ever-so-cutely’ when combined with ‘The Look’ means that I’m supposed to pick him up for a cuddle. I’m a fast learner!

oh, you thought that it was the puppy being trained?

2 more sleeps until the Australian Wool and Sheep Show at Bendigo


5 thoughts on “>relationship woes

  1. Sara says:

    >Oh, he is precious!!!!! And, I love this post…it was cute and very entertaining…

  2. Alwen says:

    >The very first dog that I ever had the training of was a dachshund mix.Sweet little long-coated thing, who fortunately turned out to love Nylabones. It was only after she had learned to concentrate on her Nylabone that I found out that dachshunds are famous chewer/gnawers.Oh the memories! And look at the cute puppy eyes in that first picture, awwwww (1000).

  3. >Hmmm…has Bear been sending email over here? I seem to be havin similar issues with a certain Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.And he is much bigger. But how can you resist that little face? Clearly you must just do as your told!

  4. Lynne says:

    >I tried to leave a comment last night but had only dial up [53kbps] in Wangaratta. Much faster here in Bendigo!Your post made me chuckle! Will it be safe to leave Bear for a whole day tomorrow? Or will it be unBearable? LOLWe are going to the Show tomorrow and the Mill shop on Saturday. See you at the Show! 😉

  5. >Does this mean that you go bottomless around the house (evil grin)

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