>textile alert

>Check out Olivia’s Blog for pictures of her sister Demelza’s current exhibition which is on at IMP Gallery above the Greville Street Bookstore in Prahran [ Melbourne ] until the 27th of this month.
It features hand stitched portraits on vintage linens.
The way they are displayed possibly doesn’t do them justice – mainly white pieces floating lost against bare white walls – but DO click to enlarge them and have a really good look. Just wonderful.

and if you’re in a position to go see them before Sunday, don’t forget that the Gallery is only open in the afternoons 12 – 5

and in totally unrelated news, you may have noticed that there is a new blog award over there on the side bar … I’m supposed to keep it moving along but I have to have a thunk about this, so tomorrow – maybe.


One thought on “>textile alert

  1. Donna Lee says:

    >I saw those on Olivia’s blog and I’m blown away by her family’s talents. They all seem to have some fibery talent. I like to embroider and am even pretty good at it but I’ve never attempted anything on that scale. And I love your photos of Castlemaine. Christine Lavin (singer/songwriter) sings a song about the town and now I can picture your photos when I hear it.

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