>anyone care to guess…

>… why Mummy’s little helper needed a bath this afternoon? **

** and just so you know: I brought this on myself:
Two days ago Brenda next door was bemoaning the fact that Bear’s sister, Molly, appears to be working on a career as an excavation contractor. Ol’ dopey me had to go and say “That’s funny … Bear’s never shown any inclination to dig!!”


>why cats are better than dogs part 367

>Woke up this morning rather earlier than I wanted to because the bedroom as cold enough that I could feel it in my sleep and it didn’t take long even in my fuddled sleep-deprived state to realise that it was because all the power was out.
Fully awake now and in desperate need of caffeine, I trudged out to the fuse box to see if it was just us or the whole neighborhood [ which is what happened yesterday afternoon ] and yes, it was just us. Flipped the fuse, fed the goats while I was out there, and went back inside to see if I could work out what had tripped the circuit breaker.
After switching off all the likely suspects, off it went again
… and again
… and again
… at which point I noticed that the cord to the telly in my bedroom – plugged in but not on – had a slightly familiar chewed aspect.
The Bearminator strikes again!

and guess what else I found out today ?

THIS is what happens when you try to clean a beige carpet after a certain someone has discovered and disembowelled a blue biro.

>a marathon effort

>After staying up to a ridiculous hour watching the Olympics, sock #1 and I staggered across the finish line at lunchtime yesterday, in a personal best time that was good enough to get through to the final … so sock #2 was immediately cast on.
We [ sock and I ] settled in with David and assorted animals for an evening of Beijing watching, interpersed with whatever looked good on satellite when the Olympic coverage was on anything remotely resembling waterpolo, hockey or basketball [ than which ‘t’is of more interest to watch cement drying ] and we collectively decided to crawl off to our warm beds after the amazing shock aussie gold medal in the men’s 10 metre platform in the wee smalls.

This morning saw us comfortably encouched [a bit like being ensconced but you do it on a sofa ] for the men’s marathon
I was engaged in my own personal marathon and was here as the medalists crossed the line

then a slight stumble after lunch:

and yes, before anyone asks, I pulled it back and redid

and this was the scene at 5 pm

so all that remains is for the socks and I to watch the closing ceremony in all our patriotic glory – or at least that part of it televised before midnight!!

>they lied

>the weather bureau forecast an overnight low of minus 2

it was minus 2.9

the fire was out this morning

the goat’s water trough was partially frozen

but the sun is out and it’s just beautiful out there

>heat 1 of the Olympic Sock Steeplechase

>She’s over the first hurdle
[ out most of day, minimal knitting opportunities ]

and … oh no! … she takes a tumble!
[ made the heel flap 2 rows too long and had to redo it ]

but she’s up and running again and round the first turn
[ heel flap done, and heading for the gusset ]

>Ready… Set … Go!!

>and despite a late start, she’s out of the blocks:

pattern – Broad Ripple Socks [ forever to be known as Bripple socks courtesy of Sheepish Annie ]
yarn – Handmaiden Casbah Sock [ 10% cashmere 10% nylon 80% merino ] from Canada, hand dyed by Irene from Jolly Jumbuck, South Oz
needles – set of 5 x 3.25mm dpns from the Op Shop [ Thrift Store ]

started lunchtime today after I cast off the Presto Chango Sweater for Riley which I promise faithfully to sew up after the Olympics are over

current mood: sunny despite the fact that my surgical procedure for next Monday was cancelled and the surgeon kinda forgot to tell me and I only found out because I rang to query the lack of supporting paperwork. Now scheduled for two weeks from Monday.