>Belated Blogiversary contest

>Better late than never, huh?
as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader, last week marked the 2nd anniversary of this ‘ere blog and in keeping with tradition I’m having a giveaway contest.
You have until the end of this month ie 12 midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time on August 31 to leave a comment on this post telling me either why you started blogging [ assuming that you do ] or what draws you to read blogs [ which you must do or else how did you get here ? ] OR perhaps what you think makes a good blog

of course there has to be a prize and it will be

a CD of wonderful, energetic African music by the Mafumani Choir
an aussie keyring – if the winner is from O/S
and an appropriate something else which will be determined by the interests of the winner – probably something involving fabric, fleece or yarn

and I must go now because Ms Alice is at the door for morning tea
ETA: and I forgot to get a photo – rats!!


21 thoughts on “>Belated Blogiversary contest

  1. Narelle says:

    >Wow! I’m first. And congratulations on your blogiversary.18 months ago we moved out of town into a remote area. After reading all the lovely blogs for six months, I decided it was time to join in. It was just like having neighbours again.

  2. Mia says:

    >Well, I started blogging because a friend told me about it and i just wanted to try it out…I continue to blog and read others because I found a sense of family and community that I was sorely missing.

  3. Lisa L says:

    >Congratulations! I actually started blogging because I wanted to participate in a Secret Pal swap! And then I just kept going! I’ve had tons of fun “meeting” folks from all over the world and I just love reading about the fantastic knitting and crafting projects that people are making!

  4. Candace says:

    >Congratulations on your blogiversary, and thank you for entering my giveaway, too. I started blogging because I had seen others and enjoyed them, but didn’t think I would ever have anything to talk about so had put it off. I read other blogs because they are mostly pretty, and I learn about different techniques and about people’s lives all over the world.

  5. Sarah says:

    >I blog because I talk way too much and figured there must be an audience for that…I like blogs that show pictures and have little stories and I love comments :)I read blogs to feel more in touch- being home all day makes for some long days otherwise!

  6. >Happy Blogiversary! I stumbled onto my first few blogs early in my spinning career while I was trying to find resources to help me figure the whole thing out. I became kind of fascinated by the idea of being able to write for an audience again and decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did because it’s not only given me a creative outlet, but has led to my meeting so many new and wonderful people!

  7. >….perhaps a good blog could be … (ahem)…”The Daily Antics of a Dog named Bear”….!!!!!!

  8. Lynne says:

    >I subscribe to about 50 blogs [that’s all I can keep up with], mostly by Australian knitters, and love reading about what people are knitting and the other activities of their lives.I started blogging because Kate, of Blue Mountains Knits, encouraged me to start listening to podcasts and reading knitting blogs and I was hooked! Oops, should that be needled? LOL

  9. Sara says:

    >Hmmm…I started blogging thinking it would be a good way to keep track of my finished objects…Never thought anyone would ever read my blog.I read other blogs because I love knowing about other people and enjoy seeing their creative endeavours as well as learning about their lives.

  10. Donna Lee says:

    >Happy blogiversary!! I started blogging because I loved reading what other people were doing with their lives. Not just their crafting, although that was a draw originally, but their lives. It’s been fascinating reading about places that were just colors on the map and now have faces and names in my mind. Blogging has opened up my world and made me realize that what I consider commonplace is unique and original to someone half a world away.

  11. Kathy says:

    >I started blogging because I love to write. Then I got addicted to great images on posts. I try hard to keep them fun and uplifting.

  12. Rose Red says:

    >Congrats on your blogthday!I started blogging to share my craft, I read blogs for a few reasons – great crafting, great photos, great writing and I think most of all, great stories and people.

  13. Bells says:

    >i started blogging because other people’s blogs looked like so much fun – I wanted in!Happy blogiversary!

  14. Alwen says:

    >I started blogging to get rich! And famous! :DOkay, so, well, that didn’t exactly work out.But it turns out blogging is the perfect writing outlet for me, as I seem constitutionally unable to write on command, but well able to babble onto the keyboard. Especially if I have pictures.

  15. TinkingBell says:

    >Oh happy blogiversary!!Living in the country in a rural state – the kniternet and blogs re-assured me that there were in fact others like me – and that I was not the sad, tragic, fibreholic and knitteraddict my husband suggested – and my wonderful blogpals are what keep me coming back!

  16. ozane says:

    >I started blogging for the therapeutic notion of getting it all off my chest. Well……..that took longer, but I decided to hide behind Ozjane so I could sneak out some venom and ill will and all that garbage. I think the worst I got was that if I ever saw another sleeping dog in a gutter I would kick it hard, not pick it up.And if anyone can imagine me kicking a dog………you will see why I floated around with other odds and ends until the digital age and other bloggers caught up with me and now I am still sore and healing…sobs…well not too sore…..but hey I may as well milk sympathy as milk goats.So my blog is having a quiet time as I am having a quiet time.But I am almost ready to send out those giveaways…….had to wait for some more to come once I decided to include all sweet 16 of you. Have even got some USA envelopes ready. Think I have one more bag of fabric to come. The Handcocks one with no cost for overseas shipping was a beauty…came in a big Father Christmas sack. Could take photos of fabric…………

  17. dolls123 says:

    >Happy blogiversary !!!!!luckydolls123[at]verizon[dot]net

  18. Elle Emm says:

    >Hi Susan,Happy Bloggiversary LOL.I started blogging because I was writing to several people and it felt like I was repeating myself, this way I’d tell them to go see my blog to see what I was working on. On the plus side, it gave me a little more time to do other things such as sewing (grin) but on the minus side, I was getting less emails from my friends. It’s also a good way for me to see what I was working on… on a specific date. I found blogging particularly useful when I was in Montreal during the time that my sister was dying. I had everyone go to my blog. I was so tired after I came back from the hospital that the only person I’d call was my husband and he updated those who didn’t have blogs because I was so tired.

  19. Tara says:

    >Happy blogiversary :)I started blogging years ago basically to keep in touch with friends who I was in differing time zones to. There weren;t THAT many forums about then, and it was handy to use and leave messages for each other after initially chatting in a chat room or on ICQ. (yep, THAT long ago). From there I found it a very handy tool to be able to write down my thoughts, and have something to look back on from significant times in my life, and see how far I’ve come. Craft wise, blogging continues to be that for me – a record of where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, and where I want to head next 🙂

  20. >Having discovered blogging via a travelling daughter who wrote to keep her many admirers informed of her whereabouts and activities, I then became interested in clever quilting and textile people who blog as a source of entertainment and enlightenment. One thing led to another, and lo and behold I subscribe to about 60 blogs of like minded souls and then decided if they could, so could I. I have made some great cyber friends and continue to be amazed and inspired by the talents and creativity of others.In my mind a good blog is well written, interesting, informative, possibly amusing but not necessarily, and definitely easy to read. If it has weird colours or fonts I just don’t bother.

  21. Vickie says:

    >Hmm why did I start blogging.Well mainly so I could like immediately share pics with friends who live miles away from me which made me kinda feel they were not so far away, and if I wanted to have a maon or a whinge I could do it it’s my page after all.I enjoy reading and sharing with other bloggers,and I find the most simplest of comments can bring a big smile to my dial..happy blogaversary hehhe,cheers Vickie

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