>anyone care to guess…

>… why Mummy’s little helper needed a bath this afternoon? **

** and just so you know: I brought this on myself:
Two days ago Brenda next door was bemoaning the fact that Bear’s sister, Molly, appears to be working on a career as an excavation contractor. Ol’ dopey me had to go and say “That’s funny … Bear’s never shown any inclination to dig!!”


7 thoughts on “>anyone care to guess…

  1. Vickie says:

    >Owww c’mon mum ya know I was just trying to help…hehehe,how cute,cheers Vickie

  2. Jeanne says:

    >That is such a cute dog!

  3. Alwen says:

    >I once had a treeing Walker coonhound. Raccoon, hah! His great love was to either tree or dig out woodchucks (ground hogs, same animal, a big marmot that eats gardens). He would dig these huge meteor craters after them. Or he would run them up a tree and bay at the bottom for someone to come and keeeeel this thing.

  4. Sara says:

    >that is the cutest dog – what is he???? How big is he going to get? I love his little face and his expressions!!!He doesn’t even look the least bit remorseful for digging that hole…

  5. >Your critters are so darn cute! I love to see what he’s up to!

  6. sososu says:

    >Never say never – didn’t you learn that from having kids – animals are the same

  7. >Yup. That’s the ticket. The minute you start thinking you are in the clear, it gets touchy. Once you say it out loud…it’s allllll over!But what a cute widdle face! I’d forgive him.

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