>wooosh! where’d the week go ?

>Once again I’ve been caught up in that weird blogworld contradiction of having a frantically busy week and so much to blog about – but – no time to actually do it

the weather has been mostly gorgeous and that means being outside lugging dirt and rocks for new garden beds and planting stuff and weeding and so on

and I have to confess after that ‘frantically busy’ comment up there that there WAS also some time for just sitting in the sun with a cup of chai, assorted animals and just imbibing the peace and quiet and the birdsong …

… which was far preferable to sitting inside on the computer and blogging about it, so I’m sure that you’ll all understand and forgive me

In between bouts of gardening, there was time for a trip across to Daylesford with Jeanette for Purl’s Princesses, our monthly knitting group on Tuesday, combined with the weekly lugging of the quilt stand, raffle quilt, money tin and tickets over to the IGA and back again.

Wednesday saw me slogging about on the back 5 acres with my friend Denise and her ever-so-obliging-husband, Steve. He had been ‘volunteered’ and came armed with chainsaw. The aim being to cut down enough good wood to last out this winter [ and yes, I do know that it is now technically Spring but we can still get frosts until October so a fire 24/7 is pretty much mandatory ]
Steve dropped and chopped ’em and Denise and I were in charge of carrying and stacking in the ute and then unloading and stacking in the carport.

Thursday morning I could barely move but at least I was warm!!!

Later that day, Corrie – she who spoils me with opera tickets – arrived by train from Melbourne.

Now you have to understand that I love Corrie to bits but the one place where we part company is that she is so definitely NOT an animal person. It’s a measure of our relationship that she is still willing to come up here with goats and cats and goodness knows what else but I’m afraid the Bearminator was just toooooo much … especially as he wanted to bounce all over her. So Mr Bear had a little sleepover with Misty and Mollie next door. No harm no foul.

David was going out with his social club and I told Corrie that I would normally be heading out to singing group after dinner, making it clear that I was more than okay with missing it for the night, but she was up for that, so off we went, and she had an absolute ball.

Yesterday she shouted me to lunch at Maldon, a tiny, gorgeous, touristy-time-warp hamlet not far from here and some retail therapy until it was time to drop her back to the station and to collect David.

There has been some housework, a dance class or two, some work on the current quilt, and of course some knitting and crochet in front of the fire at night:

scarf for nadie requested to match the wristwarmers that I just realised you haven’t seen either so here they are as well [ made sometime in August ]
both are variations of my garter lace mittens pattern which is over there in the sidebar
then this wee hat in unidentified baby yarn for donation or to the next person who has a girl child and crochet booties to match a baby beret that I also seem to have forgotten to show you – there was a flurry of small stuff done in the first week of the Olympics while I waited for the green and gold yarn to arrive and it seems to have slipped under the radar.

anyway the upshot is that I’m sure you understand why I had so little time for blogging this week and why some of this post is a bit light on for details?


11 thoughts on “>wooosh! where’d the week go ?

  1. Tanya Brown says:

    >Heaven forbid that living your life and enjoying it should interfere with writing in the blog! Twenty lashes with a wet noodle!

  2. sue says:

    >I love going to Maldon. I havent been for about 2 years now but it is so cute and quaint. I used to love the quilting shop there and the lolly shop too. The hat is very cute, what pattern did you use for it.

  3. catsmum says:

    >Hi Suein answer to your question:I improvised the wee hat – if there’s any interest I’d be happy to write it up as a freebie

  4. Alice says:

    >Love the wee hat too, Susan, so would love have the recipe .. woops, pattern…lol.Looks like I’d better post my recent photos of Maldon. In fact, they were taken before we turned up at your place for morning tea.Sorry, we didn’t get to see you again after ‘Elixir’.

  5. >Oh my! I love all your knitting! The baby hat is beautiful and I would like the pattern, too! Did you do the scarf and booties as well? They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alwen says:

    >Good to know you were happily living rather than blogging. 🙂

  7. >It’s a tough one! When you have all that great stuff going on, there’s really no time to sit down to get the blogging done. But it’s all so blog-worthy!Glad you were able to get the post up, though. The pictures are all amazing! It was more than worth the wait.

  8. Sarah says:

    >geez, I think I’ll go nap now…

  9. Carol says:

    >Oh I haven’t been to Maldon for years, I’m going to have a good look through that website, thanks for linking it up. As for sitting in the sun with a cup of chai and furbabies for company, I’m with you all the way there. What a lovely way to spend some time.I also hear you about the wood, we have had a lovely lot this winter and we’ll still be using it long into spring I’m sure. In fact, I’m about to go light the fire right now. Once that sun goes down it gets chilly quickly.

  10. MadMad says:

    >OK. That IS busy. And that hat is very, very cute.

  11. Lynne says:

    >The garden looks lovely. I can relate to sitting in the sun…I need to do it more often!I didn’t get to Maldon on my trip in July – too blinking cold and wet to do anything [except the Sheep and Wool Show, of course]! Maybe next year?

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